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Author AMA · 2:10am Aug 9th, 2015

Well, I can safely say this is the first time I've ever done this. I've seen a lot of others host AMAs, so I figured 'What the Hell'. Anyway, I'm here to answer your questions while I chomp away at a few chapters of Lucky Strike and Starring Trixie.

That's it. Ask away! Favorite food? Favorite Communist Party leader? Hobbies? Whatever comes to mind (within reason, obviously).

Questions will be answered just as quickly as I can get to them, providing something doesn't come up or I fall asleep.

Comments ( 23 )

Ah, first question! I enjoy writing (obviously), video games, Taekwondo, kickboxing, regular boxing, exercise in general, driving while listening to loud music, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, movies, general nerd stuff. I also enjoy traveling and immersing myself in other world cultures.

As for food, I love 5-star dining (when I can get it!), good steaks, Taco Bell, baked chicken, almost anything with beef in it, and sponge cake to name a few...it's long list! My favorite fruit is strawberries.

Why are bananas radioactive?

What are your favorite fanfics? And none of the main ones like my little dash, fall out equestria, things like that are out. So what are they?


Because Princess Celestia's second-favorite snack is enriched uranium.


Hmmm...I have a really long list of stories I favorited for different reasons (over 500, in fact). The ones that jump out at me are University Days, The Pony Who Lived Upstairs, To Love a Pony, My Name is Eri-, The Golden Armor, and so many others.


Nice! What decks and/or colors do you use?


Nice. I'm rather partial to white, green, and blue, especially this guy:



That's sweet, Erebos is nasty.

How long will Lucky Strike take to be finished? I only ask because I plan on reading it when it's complete.

Hmm, if it all goes according to plan (which is difficult 'cause I don't have one,just kind of winging it)...I'm not really sure. I'm working on it and doing the best I can despite the lack of material at my disposal but I definitely encourage you to read as it goes and not wait!

Who is your favorite band/artist? And best pony? Mine is AJ. :ajsmug:


Favorite artist is Bon Jovi, although I like a whole range of artists. And Trixie is favorite pone!

are you into Roleplaying at all?

Well you said questions so here are my questions. Can you answer them

"If John has 2 apples and Davey has 3 apples, why don't they just shut up and eat?"

How do you spell "Our time is up, pay me lots of money?"

And who is your 2nd fave halo character and least fave pone?


To be honest, not really. Sorry.


2nd fave Halo character is probably Captain Keyes and least fave pone is...that's a tough one because I don't especially dislike any (besides the ones that go out of their way to be unlikable such as DT or Blueblood)...I'd have to say possibly...I honestly don't know, man. Can't really answer that!

3306277 well you tried, you got half and THATS OK

When can we expect more "Equestria Ho!"?

What are your favorite bands?

Can you rap?

What is your favorite youtube channel?

What are your favorite movies?

These are only a few of my most pressing questions. I have many more, but I am choosing to restrain myself.

I'll update Equestria Ho as soon add I figure out how to proceed! I've been stuck on how do so for the last 2 years so I think I'll change the last chapter so I'm not in a corner any more.

Favorite bands/artists are Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Eiffel 65, Eminem, and lots more. I go on a song by song basis really.

I actually can rap, kind of.

Favorite YouTube channel? I don't really follow any but I like Rooster Teeth and of course John Graham's. I guess I also like Machinima's and Mondo Mini Films.

My favorite movies include a lot of sci fi and action fills, I really like Marvel movies and my favorites of all time are Iron Man, V for Vendetta, Never Back Down, Karate Kid (the old one), the Dark Knight trilogy, Cannonball Run, Rat Race, etc.

Thanks for your questions!

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