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Better Late Than Never · 2:09am Jun 19th, 2015

I was working so hard preparing for Friday, it completely slipped my mind that I usually post a blog on Thursday. Oh well, here I am.

It's astounding the work you have to do (and the investment you have to make) to get a license of any sort. Before I can work at the agency, I have to get an insurance license, which means: paying to take a course; paying to take the test for the license; paying to get fingerprinted and having a background check done; paying to have the license issued, using a money order that I'll probably also have to pay for. On top of that, I have to have my own laptop for the job, which I don't have, so I had to fork over money to get a new laptop. On top of that, the organization doing the background check requires I fork over my driver's license details, but I lost my wallet last week (my beautiful, hand-made, all-leather, super expensive wallet! :raritycry:) and thus had to go get a new driver's license. Unfortunately, that requires my social security card and my vehicle registration, which were both – you guessed it – in my wallet.

This week has been a royal pain in the ass... and it's still not over; I have to go take the licensing test tomorrow.

And then, finally, I get a break, during which time I'll be driving back to Louisiana to visit with my parents for Father's day... which introduces its own frustrations, because I had intended to enter this month's WriteOff and, damn it all, I probably won't be able to if I'm over there fighting with my parents' crummy DSL internet. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to get GDocs to work for just long enough to transfer the next chapter of Order of Shadows to FIMFiction, but even that's iffy. So if I don't update the story until Sunday night, that's why.

And yet I somehow still managed to write most of the next-to-last chapter of Shadow Pony in the past two days. Of that, at the very least, I am pleased.

And with any luck I can finish said chapter tonight, so you'll pardon me if I cut this short. Until Monday!

Oh, and, uh, I surpassed 100 blogs this week? :yay:

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Order of Shadows Book I – Chapter 3: Saturday, June 20
Shadow Pony: TBA

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Comments ( 18 )

AssassinMonkey is indeed an awesome artist. I'd commission him for cover art, but I'd have to be in a really good financial position to do so.

I guarantee that the kind of cover art I'd want would go for somewhere between $200 and $400. And yes, I checked his prices.

If I could afford the new laptop I wanted I'd totally send you my old one. Unfortunately I need a new car. :applejackunsure:

Best of luck to you with the new job! Hopefully all this frustration pays off!

Sounds like a rough week. Good luck with it.

That picture reminds me of one of the Spyro games :moustache:

3161471 The cover art for 'Night Rose' cost me a bit over $200, though it was worth every penny spent. :)

AM isn't cheap, but the work speaks for itself.

3161557 Fuck that shit! The cover for Shifting Winds is fine by me!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, it is Thursday, isn't it? I'll have to get started on my weekend review.

The good thing about it being a weekend review is that I have the whole weekend to write it. :trollestia:

You'll probably find your wallet when you visit your parents' house. After you've already paid to replace everything. :facehoof: Life's a bitch that way sometimes.

Good luck!

Paul: Best of luck with the new gig! *sends good vibes*

Author Interviewer

I can't believe the company isn't at least paying for the testing. :/

Eh, I don't mind. I needed a new computer anyway. Of course, I prefer desktops, but if this job pays as much as it promises to then I'll be able to afford a new one of those before too long.

And now would be the time I gloat about having a schedule that puts me ahead of the actual reading/reviewing requirements! I have Monday's reviews already written up. :ajsmug:

*absorbs vibes like an acoustic sponge* Thanks, I'm gonna need all the good vibes I can get!

IKR? On the positive side, if I do well I can have all the expense paid off in a couple weeks. ...if I do well.

3162424 Indeed. Sucks that they don't. :(

Best of luck frienderino, i'll be supporting you from way down here. At the bottom of the writer pool, toiling away to try to turn my myriad of worldbuilding ideas into some kind of cohesive story or stories.

Well then, this would be where I gloat about keeping with my deadlines. 2 chapters in 20 days! I'm on a roll! Next up is ADK so you better be ready, Pardner. :ajsmug:

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