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A Little Real Life · 10:51pm Apr 24th, 2015

Okay, before we get to the meat of the blog, I am now writing my first draft for the intersequel of GFM. Working title is Gentleman's Gift. I've also asked some other people to consult as I write this story as I felt I may have overdone a few things. More later, maybe?

So, my kittens are around 3 weeks old and they are now walking (stumbling) around the bathroom. My queen, Nala (pictured in Profile) transferred them twice after the last update, once under my aunt's bed, now in the bathroom. No idea why she chose that place.

I also bought new food, replacing my Iams with Nupec Cat Food. Vet said it's a good brand from Mexico, but I don't really listen much to a doctor's recommendation when it concerns a few things. Drugs, which I know pharmaceutical companies pay Doctors to advertise and give them out, and pet food as well. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Any cat owners out there that can tell me if the new cat food is safe? My last cat died of kidney failure, and my mom suspected because of the cat food we fed it the last few months. I think it has to do more with my previous cat's genetic line (his dad also died of kidney failure), and any recommendations?

I may watch Avengers 2 today, and it hit me: Josh Whedon is a well known feminist, and I somehow connected this with his movies... as in no named female character dies. In Serenity, Wash died. Avengers, Coulson died. So, I wondered which male character is going to die here. I put up a list of possibilities:

Captain America: None, as we know he's in Civil War. Though he'll probably die to have his friend Bucky replace him, then he'll probably get revived.

Iron Man: Same as Cap. He's in Civil War, so we know he'll live.

Hawkeye: Possible.

Hulk: Yeah... no. Guy admits blowing his brains out, but the Hulk spit the bullet back out. Don't think this version of Hulk can ever die.

Thor: Psh. Ragnarok will have him present.

Quicksilver: Possible.

So, anyone who hadn't watched it yet, what's your guesses?

Computer has an odd tendency of freezing on me. It acts like it's being bogged down, and the HDD indicator is solid instead of blinking. Most of the time, it works perfectly, but I really wonder why it's happening. Maybe a trip to tech will give me some insight.

Okay, so that's LRL for now. Later.

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How are you going to watch it today? It doesn't come out until May 1st.

Computer has an odd tendency of freezing on me. It acts like it's being bogged down, and the HDD indicator is solid instead of blinking. Most of the time, it works perfectly, but I really wonder why it's happening. Maybe a trip to tech will give me some insight.

If you were running Linux, I'd suggest iotop. I'm not sure what the Windows equivalent would be, but look around for something which is similar to Process Manager but breaks down disk I/O rather than CPU and memory usage.

Re: freezing with HDD solid-on, that may be a physical problem like an unrecoverable bad sector getting accessed. Try running CrystalDiskInfo (portable version, so you can just delete it when you're done with it, rather than farting around with uninstallers and "don't install ads goddammit" stuff). If it says anything but Good, you may have a problem. You make regular backups, right?

In terms of cat food wet food is much more nutritious than dry; it kept one of my past cats going till 18, and another to 15. Wet food gets expensive, but if you do it for the first 8 months and then switch to dry things work out just fine.
Fixes for HDD light:
1. Do a Malwarebytes free scan
2. Run check disk (fixes file system errors)
3. Make sure your optical drive shows up. If does not it does some funky stuff with the HDD.
4. Make sure you don't have RAID drivers or setting if you don't use them.
>Maybe I'm just paranoid
No more than I am. I would say allowing the pharmaceutical industry to advertise directly to the public has had a larger impact than paying off the family doc, as well as the stupidly expensive trial process the FDA has (it ensure only profitable drugs and treatment get through, not the most effective/safest.)

Yeah. I'd also recommend going to see it on May 2nd, then hit up comic shops.

Resource Monitor in newer Windows versions is good for that, depending on where the problem actually lies.

Sounds like you need to clean up your computer. Run msconfig first, and disable all the bullshit background processes and start up crap. Malware bytes is good for next step. Then I'd say run chkdsk /r, but you might want to run it first if you're having a severe problem.

3013726 3013829

In Asia, it's April 22. I'm actually late.


Windows. Though learning to use Linux would be a good move for the future.


Solid-on? Also, downloaded it. Let's see how it goes.As for backups... well, not really. :applejackunsure: Lack space.


So, wet food for their kitten years, basically?

3014137 3014329

I'll work on those two as well. Thanks guys.

They make wet food for cats of all ages. Get a wet food that is specifically marked for kittens for 8 months to 1 year, and then you can switch to a dry food with little ill effects. The dry food my family has been feeding our now-no-longer-kittens is called "solid gold" and the canned food "california natural." We have also used "blue diamond" before one of our cats had an autoimmune response to wheat.


As for backups... well, not really. :applejackunsure: Lack space.

If you can't spare $90 US ($120 CA) including shipping for a 2TiB USB 3.0 hard drive for backups, at least install one of these and use the free plan to back up your most important stuff. (Dropbox is also good for lower-security stuff like story chapters and all of them can be configured to provide rollback support similar to Apple Time Machine.)

3014459....well, looks like I'm buying a plane ticket since I can't wait to see it:yay:


Avengers was more fun to watch, but I think Avengers 2 has a better story, growth in characters, and a more serious vibe.

His name is Joss Whedon, not Josh.

And he's killed off female characters before. Just look at Dr. Horrible if you need a reminder. In Buffy he was downright sadistic to the women. The dude's politics aside, he's shown zero reluctance to play the Anyone Can Die card, especially if it'll jack over a few fan theories along the way (there's a reason the trope is named after him).


Hence why I said movies. The only series I watched him in was Firefly, and he didn't have time there to work his magic. Also, nice to know that the person nasty to women got killed. :rainbowwild:

And thanks. Joss. Joss. I'll try and remember that.

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