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So yeah, gonna be open about this. · 5:27pm Apr 21st, 2015

Not gonna lie to you folks. Since the premier of the new season and probably before that if I really examine myself, I have been about totally done with the MLP fandom. I no longer feel this is a place where you can really openly express yourself as a writer. The fandom has shown to me as of late that ANY even somewhat negative opinion of the show is met with at the very least moderate hostility. This has become a problem for me as far as writing goes because while I don't so much care what people really think of me personally, I think art should be examined with a non-bias attitude which I am almost 100% certain doesn't exist here anymore.

As it stands now Dragon's Might is going to go down a VERY anti-pony road, with Spike, and the griffons ultimately coming out as the "good guys" while Celestia and the ruling class of Equestria being portrayed very negatively. I'm just not sure if it's even worth finishing the story anymore at this point since I feel like 99% of the target audience won't even be willing to view the content in its entirety to see how I come to these end points. I feel like the majority of the audience is going to immedately turn hostile the moment I cast ponies in a purely negative light (which would be happening very soon) and if my work is just going to be written off that arbitrarily (as I've seen negative opinions of the show tend to go) then I'm not going to waste my time.

What I'm trying to say I guess is that for the moment Dragon's Might is on hiatus until I can decide how I want to deal with such a stiflingly oppressive and close minded fandom.

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As long as a story is well-written and enjoyable, no character should be off-limits for a calling-out. It's your story, no one else's. Unfortunately, I'm probably one of the few who feels that way.

Huh, I'm not entirely sure what to say about this. The story so far as cast the pony folk as the subdued, victims of an oppressive and blood thirsty regime. It would take a lot of changing of ideals to make it feasible in the story as it is. For Spike to start working for the griffins after all he has done so far, that is going to be a major shock to the system. I would advise caution when suddenly changing the message of your story so you don't jar your readers so badly they no longer know what is going on.

As for the reasoning, I can understand being annoyed with negative critics and things of that sort, but to take your frustration out on in your stories (and in essence, you readers) seems counter intuitive to what you're trying to accomplish. It's certainly not the pony's fault for the reactions of the fandom, so why take it out on them? You can never please everyone, so there is no point in trying.

My advice is to stick to your guns, and don't let the idiocy of some in the fandom change the way you want to write your story. For a Dragon's Might, I'm more interested in seeing Spike liberate an enslaved race than help the slavers. But that is just my own opinion. If you make the changes to where it appears natural and flows with the story, then yes, I'm all for that. But to just change the tone of your story straight up won't be received so well. I've seen it happen in another story, it caused quite the ruckus when it happened.

Well, thanks for the warning. Not sure how the ponies—who have been subjugated, beaten, tortured, and enslaved—can be the "bad guys" when compared to the griffons—who subjugated, beat, tortured, and enslaved them.

such a stiflingly oppressive and close minded fandom.

If I may be blunt... that is a very closed-minded opinion. I've never seen rabid hatred of people who point out negative things in the show. Pretty much everyone agrees that Mysterious Mare-do-Well and Spike At Your Service were crap episodes, and the overwhelming consensus is that at the very least the first Equestria Girls was pretty bad objectively. Even I, who genuinely likes the show even when it's bad, can point out what it does wrong. Might I ask where you see such actions?

That all said, if what you say about the story is true, then I think I will bow out. As benevolent and kind as she has been portrayed in the show, making her the "bad guy" against an invading army is too much for me to accept. Even so, your writing is pretty damn good, and you built a really nifty little AU. Best of luck to you! :twilightsmile:

All things come to an end, but if we remember them then they truly don't end~ Unknown


Let me preface this by saying that none of my current feelings would effect the story in the least bit. The basic premise of the story was laid down way before pen hit paper, and the reasoning for the Ponies being in such a sorry state would eventually be revealed to be a product of their own doing. Things in Equestria would eventually return to a balanced state but there would be lasting repercussions. This mainly due to the fact that I believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Celestia was the sole ruler of Equestria for over 1000 years with the sole governing power and authority. Any sane mind would question how someone could do that without dirtying their hands at some point. Spike wouldn't join the griffon's it would be more of everyone getting their just rewards and exposing why each race was wrong and to what degree.

As for the my views on the fandom I'm mostly drawing them from other friends I have that produce content in the fandom. Tommy Oliver is a close personal friend of mine and he has REPEATEDLY been berated whenever he casts a negative view on the show.

A few bad apples...

Thanks for the warning, and good luck in your writing.
Might want to temper your expectations somewhat, however. It's humanly impossible to completely remove bias.
Recognizing your bias is possible, and acting (or not acting) on what biases you have is what makes a person notable.

Also, research your audience. You write for them in the long run. If you want to write solely for yourself, then there's no need to publish. Once you put your work up for others to see, even if it's just showing a paragraph to your best friend, you're going to get opinions -- hopefully honest ones. Expect them, but also understand that they aren't wrong in their opinions. Your readers will like what they like, and dislike what they don't on an individual basis. Don't take it personally.


I see this a lot more than I think I should, somebody who has fans who appreciate their work receives a bad experience or two and instead of trying to move past it, disowns the fandom and their fans and leaves.

I don't mean to be condescending here, I'm simply trying to say that a few bad apples don't have to ruin the bunch, and you shouldn't let them. I've had my own bad experiences in this fandom but overall I've had a positive experience and met a ton of great people, and I'd say that no matter how bad of an experience I have in this fandom it'll always be worth sticking to.

Sorry if this is poorly worded, I'm running off of only a few hours of sleep and an empty stomach over here, but I hope you find that we're not so bad, if you'll stick around a while longer.


I seem to be losing something in translation here. I have yet to receive any negative comments personally. Nor am I one to waver in the face of a few idiots here or there. This observation has been an ongoing endevor for some time now as I have had friends who produce content for this fandom for far longer then I have. I have sat on the sidelines and watched how the fandom reacts to their work as a whole and that is where I draw my views from.

I wouldn't care if a few people here or there didn't like my work but from what I've witnessed, differing opinions on how awesome ponies are in this fandom leads to LITERALLY zero intellectual reasoning and pure hostile attacks.

IN my opinion, its your story. You can do what you want with the characters. IF people complain or send you some very harsh insults or reviews, that's their problem.

The Question is: how do you justify punishing the whole Populace for the Deeds of it's Leader?

on an unrelated note: you might wanna switch out your little SS Symbol in the upper left, I have a very serious Problem with that. In Germany you could be punished for showing that thing, as it very closely resembles the Schutzstaffel Symbol, and even though I don't think you're a Nazi, some others may get the wrong Idea.


Fair enough.

Please note that the fandom isn't an authority with an official party line. I don't recall electing anyone to speak my opinion for me. You've been given the "few bad apples" quote already, but it fits.

I used to listen to Tommy Oliver, but even if I disagreed with his opinion, I never shouted invectives at him. There was a time that I felt that he became a bit over-opinionated and would get locked on a single aspect of the episode and not let go to the detriment of his review. By that point I just stopped watching him. Currently, I prefer Silver Quill and Dr. Wolf mostly because they're rather even handed in their reviews. Silver Quill entertains me more with his antics, while Dr. Wolf massages my philosophical side, but both will take note of something that they either liked or disliked about an episode without harping on one thing for the entire length of their shows. I do hear that Oliver has mellowed out somewhat. Perhaps I'll give him another try.

In any case, review shows are completely about opinions. I like turquoise, and I don't care for red all too much, so how can I explain to someone intellectually that turquoise is a nicer color than red? Opinions are going to get heated about a show that's about opinions. Read the Editorial section of your local paper. It's not unique to those who love ponies. It's human nature to argue. The problem comes when you can't intellectually defend your opinion. Blue is better than red; prove it's not. When this is the best one can do, name calling is, sadly, only a step away.

On the other hand, differing opinions is what makes this fandom great. We don't all have to like blue over red (heathens are people too... :raritywink:). There are those, however, that need to rein in their emotions ever so slightly. As an artist, author, or even just a fan of the show, the best way to deal with these individuals is to ignore them. If, however, you know someone who tends to get all fired up personally, then try and educate them, or in some cases if you know them outside of the internet,, then give them a slap upside the head literally or figuratively whichever works for your relationship.

As has been said before, don't judge all of us from a few extremely vocal miscreants. If MLP honestly doesn't give you any entertainment anymore, then maybe it's time to go. However, if you still enjoy the show, then stick around and ignore the loud ones.


3004027 As far as I see it I'm not really punishing a leader Im punishing the populace. As I've said before in this comment section my views come from viewing the community as a whole over many different outlets. Fiction, analytic, music, I have friends that produce content in all of these mediums and I see the same reaction from the fandom when they do something thats even the least bit anti pony.

As for my bolts, they mean exactly what they look like and I'm not apologizing to anyone.

Sorry to hear that. But I understand...maybe a little better than others.:pinkiesad2:

I'm sorry to hear you feel stifled and oppressed in the fandom. I'll continue to support your work even if it does go down a different path. I just urge you to do what you believe is necessary and not let the negative critics influence you. If they don't like something in the story, it's their loss.

3004236 Worst case scenario is I'll most likely finish the story in some capacity at a different site. I've been publishing work on both fanfiction.net and mediaminer.org since I was about 14 so I have other avenues I could take.

Take the time you need. Get your thoughts together.

I've read a number of books on 'media creative endeavors' (writing, etc.) :twilightsmile: and one constant is that you need a thick 'skin' to deal with rejections, requests to 'tweak it a little', etc. So...

CRY HAVOK AND LOOSE THE PONIES OF WAR!!!! :rainbowdetermined2:
( or simply; do it your way.) :ajsmug:

I thought people who came to this fandom came with the message of "love and tolerate". Well, don't give up pal, there are still plenty of us out there who'll support you.

3004611 I've been tempered in the hell fires of 4chan for near a decade, I'm about as thick skinned as you'll find. The real issue is I just don't have much patience for futility. Posting what will ultimately be a rather downer story for ponies and an upper story for everyone else on a place that would immediately turn a blind eye to something like that screams of futility.

I'd be like spending weeks building a beautiful ornate rocking chair and displaying it in warehouse fire.

I'm doubtful about the fandom showing hostility towards a fanfic with a negative portrayal of ponies. There's a significant difference between someone who hates bronies and a brony with controversial ideas.
I've seen much worse portrayals of pony kind than you're envisioning.

3005031 I'm also doubtful that the community is as closed-minded as you perceive. You may be interpreting a more exaggerated hostility than the fans intend.

I'm fine with it. As I said before, one of the things I enjoy about this story is how well it shows Equestria in a black and grey light, no true pure good existing. Even Spike, the main protagonist, has openly violent tendencies and a bit of an ego. If you can make the reasons behind some ponies being in the wrong as well as you put some griffons in the right, I have little doubt I'd still enjoy myself. After all, this is fictional work. It's not as though one story where Celestia is a somewhat villain will force every other story to follow.
As far as the hiatus goes, I can wait. I'm a patient man. Best of luck to you wherever your path leads you.


Its shit 2/10 would not bang

3008153 This guy knows whats up.

3008183 I'm all for the changes to story. It would put a different perspective on things.
Equestria isn't all rainbows and sunshine. It's just any other country with it's flaws.
Equestria was found / made for and by ponies. So it would make sense other species weren't
included in their constitution.

It would make sense non-ponies would be considered second class citizens and aren't entitled
certain jobs, unlike ponies. To the ponies they may be oblivious of what's going on or
just see no point in disturbing the status quo.

3008183 I'm sorry you feel this way, but often enough people get super heated up about the little things. That is one thing that bothers me about Fandom and sites like these. I think the only Fandom nitpickier than MLP is the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. That is a hell hole that I would stay well away from. All I ask is that you complete this gem of a story and tell me where I can find it, cause I love what you've written so far. Thanks!

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