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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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    Hopefully just a few days to a week. I've got some new writing tricks that should help things go faster, so wish me luck on that!

    Thanks again so much for sticking with me!


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    Thanks again for sticking with me!


    P.S. What is this "sleep schedule" thing you speak of?

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Well, premature posting... · 2:35am Apr 4th, 2015

I meant to post it tomorrow, honestly. I wanted to see if there would be a benefit or traffic spike tomorrow from the S5 launch. But, I hit "Publish" instead of edit.

My bad.

The thing that was published was an EARLY, UNEDITED version. THIS VERSION IS NOT GOING TO BE CONSIDERED CANNON.

After accidentally posting that, I put up the edited version, but if you clicked too early, you got the old one. REFRESH TO SEE THE EDITED VERSION. IF YOU SEE AUTHOR'S NOTES, YOU HAVE THE CANON VERSION!

I'm still missing a name for the doctor, too. I'm willing to take suggestions.


Report CvBrony · 313 views · Story: Rites of Ascension ·
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Comments ( 8 )

Doctor Medicine?

Kidding, how about naming him after a Latin term in medicine?

Doctor Name sounds like a perfectly serviceable name. You'd just have to find some object phrase to fit it to. Hmm...

Some phrases with 'name' in them:
in name only
name drop
big name
household name
make a name
clear name
name in lights
take names
call by name

Name doesn't sound like a word anymore.

There's always Doctor Rebound, Doctor Pacemaker/Pace Maker, and Doctor Winter Touch

Probably would be a bad idea to post tomorrow as a ton of people will be releasing brand new stories based on the new episode. Tonight would probably be better as people are getting their last minute fix of ponies before the new and official stuff comes out.

so..you said this chapter would not be canon...does that mean we shouldn't read it? or that even if we do read it, it won't have any connection to the story?

2942753 If you clicked the unedited version, that's not canon. The version up now (refresh your browser) is canon. If you see author's notes below the chapter, you have the right one.

I see authors' notes... saying that it's not canon. :twilightoops:

I'll check again in a day or two.

Regarding continuing to write if the wrist problems stay the same, do you have someone local to you who can act as typing-hands on your behalf? I image that text-to-speech software is _not_ very good at editing text that's already written, which would become the rate-limiting step. Giving verbal directions to an editor will also suck, but will hopefully suck less.

If you're truly desperate, I or another maker-type could probably bodge together a faux-keyboard that can be operated via feet or what-have-you, but that's an option of last resort (as it would be even more frustrating than dictating to a helper).

My impression is that you are not this desperate yet.

(For the curious, this would not be a giant keyboard; you'd crib ideas heavily from old PDA interfaces and from Apple products and from medical assisted-communications devices. You'd wind up with something that worked using tilt-plates, scroll wheels, and other fiddly-bits that could be comfortably operated. It's a "faux-keyboard" because that's what the host computer is told it is.)

2943072 There seems to be some confusion.

What is there now IS CANON. What was there when I first posted was not. If you see the A/N, it's canon. Refresh if you don't see that.

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