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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .

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  • 285 weeks
    Just an update!

    Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

    Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

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  • 286 weeks
    Oh! And I forgot!

    Yes, to those wondering, I'm trying to figure out how to format all the stories to self-publish the chronicle of Legacy.

    I was surprised, very humbled and honored beyond all belief when some readers asked if I was planning to do so. Now, there is money coming in, I can plan on this.

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  • 287 weeks
    Let's try this again....

    Okay, I said I received the messages, yes. I did not say it would turn into something bad. A love scene? I did one in the story, nothing bad at all except a nicely short thing that let you know they loved each other. My definition of 'hot' is very different from a lot of folks.

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  • 287 weeks
    Messages Received :)

    Now, I'm an adult, lots of folks here are adults, we all ..blah blah blah blah. And that's over with.

    I have gotten, through private messages, or otherwise, requests for..shall we say..ohhhh..a 'steamy' story or two, or even a scene in the main story of Legacy itself.

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  • 288 weeks

    I have been hired onto a new job, and I'm excited! Plus scared. Trust me, traveling round the country laying fiber optic cable doens't sound bad, but it's a big change from what I was doing.

    I have not stopped writing, it's been a hard last few months, but I have a ton of chapters to update with!

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Wow, just Wow. · 10:49pm Mar 28th, 2015

Sitting here I realize I've written and hit the quarter million word mark on Legacy. This is amazing, and I could not have done it without the input and comments from everyone who has read or enjoyed the story.

Just a simple thank you is all I can offer because words cannot express it adequately for your support, suggestions, PM's going "HEY!", and just downright craziness in the comments section. 250,000 words is dedicated to all YOU folks.

Thanks for everything!


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Comments ( 17 )

That's a lot of words. A whole lot of words. About a giant tank and multi colored pony's.

250K? da'um...
I must thank you as well, this is the best story, ever.
666 likes right as it gets sinister...
this is not a coincidence:trixieshiftright:

... Not sure if I contributed anything constructive but whatever eh?
And like Iron Comet said, it's a story between a Giant Tank and multi-colored ponies...
I sure as hell wouldn't have been able to pull it off and that's a fact!

2919503 Sure is, I mean wow...

2919506 Makes ya wonder don't it?

2919515 You have actually, helped make it better, so tip of the hat to ya and you'll be in the next one at the next chapter! My apologies I didn't get ya this time round.

2919544 I'll be in the next one? Am I missing something here??

2919549 Author's notes at the bottom, I try and thank folks for commenting and making the story better. I keep a list of folks and I missed you, I apologize.

You've also written a pretty good Bolo novel -- too bad that there's no way it's publishable, since Hasbro would never agree with it. Otherwise, I'd say you should show it to Baen.

2919554 Oh, that's cool. It doesn't really matter to me but if you want to do then you'll do it regardless.

2919587 Hasbro would have a fit. But I am currently working on a Bolo novel itself. I think I can self-publish as I believe the Bolo is in public domain, still waiting for an answer to that though.

I think the rights to the Bolo novels is held by Baen right now. There just not doing anything with it.


Baen Books might be interested in your Bolo novel -- the non-MLP one, I mean. Baen published all the Bolo anthologies, and other Concordiat stories, and I think before them Baen's predecessor Ace Science Fiction handled them.

2919649 Didn't know that, thank you!

2919751 I will definitely get a hold of them then, thanks so much. I was thinking of using Athena and Hera.

2919817 Hey man, if anyone should be going, "Wow!" It's us. :ajsmug:

You've made a wonderful tale and I can honestly say on behalf if all your following, we eagerly await MOAR! :twilightsmile:

2919936 Thank you very kindly! Already working on the next chapter!

You meant "Tanks for everything!" I'm sure.

Oh shut up; you were thinking it.

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