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Looking for an Artist · 12:37pm Jul 7th, 2012

Does anyone know any pony artists that are accepting commissions? I don't pay much attention to the fanart part of the fandom, but I find myself in need of a cover image for a fic I'm working on. I'd prefer someone with a style that's dark and stylized; the more dark and stylized the better. This is for the sadfic I mentioned in my Plans post not long ago.

Also, why haven't you read Starlight Over Detrot yet?

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Sorry, I don't know any artist
And I haven't read this story yet because it is still incomplete. I have too many incomplete ones at my hooves already. xD

Sorry. I can only pull off show-style art.

I haven't read it because I tend to stay away from the 'Dark' tag. So, what does 'dark' mean here? If it isn't any worse than standard seedy-underbelly-of-the-city noir stuff, I might give it a shot.


Definitely seedy underbelly stuff. Not a gorefic or anything.

I haven't read it because it's in a backlog of about 30 stories. :c

1) That's not actually a real rule.

2) I do not know what you mean. :pokerface:

You may want to re-read. "Only" is modify the phrase "pull off" there, buddy.

218027 I know that, which is why I pasted that link

Cosmicunicorn is quality, but I don't know if he's taking commissions.
I think Kloudmutt is full up on commissions and that's a shame.
I know Cartoonlion has some empty spots.
StarlightSpark Might be able to help...

Oh, wait, never mind all that. -> http://csimadmax.deviantart.com/#/d558bao

I"m pretty sure Dead Rainbow Dash over on tumblr is taking commissions

I don't know of any artists, though I am an artist who's in the process of establishing himself on the web. I could give it a crack. What sort of dark and stylized are you asking for? "Seedy Underbelly," implies something noirish, but are you looking for something dark and shadowy, but with cleanly demarcated edges and high contrasts ala Frank Miller's Sin City or the "Dark Deco" style of Batman the Animated Series or something rougher and more murky?

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