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    If you haven't read this, you need to

    Fresh from the "it's a crime if this doesn't get featured" list, is the short story Riverdream At Sunset.

    It's written as an 1800's period piece, with trappings more than reminiscent of Doyle or Verne and absolutely hits the spot on the whole look and feel.

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    I blame it on Terry Pratchett

    Years ago, at school, I picked up a book. I blame what happened next on Terry Pratchett.

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    state of the bunny, 2015

    So it's a new year.

    The previous one has passed much like every other one did, with a bang as much as with a whimper. For a while here, it was sodding cold, and I mean real proper brass monkey weather. Right now it's barely below zero, and instead of snow we've got rain and ice. Seriously, I could skate down my driveway.

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    "chrysalis vs hearth's warming" may be a little late

    I know, I know: I missed hearth's warming.

    Well, I'm still writing my christmas special so you'll just have to wait. I think it'll be worth it...

    it features everyone's favourite changeling queen and her endless quest to destroy all love and happiness everywhere - this time by blowing up cinder claws and destroying hearth's warming. And how that doesn't quite go according to plan...

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    santa middymas is coming to town

    I made a list, I checked it twice. Not sure to find out how is naughty or nice...

    Anywag, the winners of my admittedly haphazard and wonky contest were:

    Sypher Magical Trevor
    Professor Plum

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hory sheet son, it's happening · 6:53pm Dec 19th, 2014

Squee! Almost there!

Dammit, I feel like I should give out prizes or something to random peeps on the list :pinkiegasp:

Maybe some of the steam deals. Hmm.

Report Midnightshadow · 518 views ·
Comments ( 8 )

well, 1000 should definitely get one right? :pinkiecrazy:

I guess... I'm totally going to have cake and stuff though. I have some cash in amazon I could use for some prizes if any of the potential winners are american :pinkiehappy: it does require a few minor clauses signed in blood, the first born, agreeing to be my minion forever even in the next world... :derpytongue2:

2664375 well, being your minion for the next eternity or two alone is a great prize to give to anyone


Pre-congrats! You're almost in the 1k club!

Way to hit the stat cap! Just don't get another one, or it'll overflow and you'll go back to zero.

And it seems you got it! Next milestone: 2^10! :derpytongue2:


2664540 Right, something to be said for real round numbers.

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