Hi, I'm no writer, just here to follow some of the great authors and read some of the fantastic stories FiMFiction has.

Favourite S1 Episode: The Cutie Mark Chronicles (I'll admit Green Isn't Your Color was probably the best one in the season--maybe even the entire show--though.)

Favourite S2 Episode: Ponyville Confidential (I guess, there were so many great ones!)

Favourite Friendship Report: Fallweather Friends

Favourite S3 Episode: Sleepless in Ponyville

Favourite S4 Episode: Pinkie Pride

Favourite S5 Episode: Amending Fences

Favourite Show Song: This Day Aria or Smile Smile Smile (I don't think I'll ever be able to choose between the two)

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Top Favourites: Part One

  • Stardust Can Twilight earn the trust and friendship of people who are by nature suspicious and hostile to anything that isn't 'human'? by Arad 216,600 words · 42,997 views · 4,784 likes · 85 dislikes
  • The Games We Play Somepony is once again masquerading as Mare Do Well, and it's up to Rainbow Dash to figure out who. by AbsoluteAnonymous 137,602 words · 27,818 views · 1,863 likes · 52 dislikes
  • Integration For once, a pony wishes to join the changelings instead. by Raugos 118,733 words · 18,144 views · 1,639 likes · 24 dislikes

Top Favourites: Part Two

  • Outside the Reaching Sky Equestria's first interstellar journey by Karazor 106,310 words · 7,856 views · 541 likes · 8 dislikes
  • A Stitch in Time A sequel to Hard Reset by Eakin 70,648 words · 35,666 views · 4,506 likes · 69 dislikes
  • The Celestia Code Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a centuries-old mystery hidden in the Royal Archives. by iisaw 70,356 words · 19,463 views · 2,116 likes · 40 dislikes
  • Out and About in the Equestrian Kingdom Welcome to the future. Enjoy your neocortical upgrades, and why don't you try out our ponytrait system? A new you is waiting for you to take to your hooves! by Midnightshadow 59,220 words · 1,965 views · 157 likes · 12 dislikes
  • Yours Truly Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together. by Thanqol 18,646 words · 30,738 views · 2,130 likes · 34 dislikes

Top Favourites: Part Three

  • Sky Pirates of Equestria: Phoenix Flight In a world where magical airship travel has directed and defined life in Equestria for centuries, the RES Corona is the most dangerous ship in the Equestrian Navy. A cocksure band of six unlikely pirates begs to differ. AU, technically post-S3. by Aquaman 16,706 words · 2,822 views · 228 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Luna, Princess of Space Space Princess Luna returns to New Canterlot to charm her love and root out a dangerous spy known only as The Broker. Find space, spears, and thrilling intrigue in this dashing planetary romance! by Chuckfinley 13,597 words · 2,670 views · 201 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Biblical Monsters "Put your boots on," Adams said. "There's a biblical monster in my house." by Horse Voice 10,946 words · 14,315 views · 1,646 likes · 158 dislikes
  • Wonderbolt Rainbow needs to tell Twilight something important, before it stops mattering. by WovenWord 3,393 words · 10,253 views · 632 likes · 18 dislikes
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Hiya! Thanks for writing some excellent stories. I wanted to write better comments than simply expressing my enjoyment, but sometimes I just don't know what to say.

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Hi! Thanks for your comments on my stories, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts

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Thanks for the watch, I hope you enjoyed the story.  :twilightsmile:

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Nah, don't bother. I'm going to do an overhaul soon-ish anyway.

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It was a very good read! I'll try and write a comment on the story itself sometime soon. Also, I found a few typos/extra words while reading through it. Would you like me to PM those to you?

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