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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."

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    Luna, Princess of the Night has a purpose. She protects the dreams of ponies everywhere from the nightmares that may plague them... however most ponies don't realize, she doesn't do it alone.
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Mall Dwellers, AMA? · 10:42pm Sep 30th, 2014

according to NIght Spark, Mall Dwellers are people who come to the mall and do nothing but walk around and well... Do nothing.

That's us right now sadly.

We could both be working on fics, or playing Destiny, or stopping world hunger... Instead we dwell the mall.

I've brought up a sequel for Lucid that we planned to Collab... But he isn't ready for that yet. Neither am I, but it's nice to know he's still onboard!

I've never tried an Ask Me Anything... I'll guess I'll try it now. If you wanna ask me something... I'll answer honestly! No matter the question :raritywink:

Have a good one guys! Lucid sequel sometime next year!


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Comments ( 7 )

Man, how are you gonna answer all these questions?

2497881 it's crazy right? I don't think I have enough time!

Lol I guess I'll be the first.

Who's hotter Emma Stone or Emma Watson?

2501403 Emma Watson... That accent bro

you made the right choice my friend lol.

Question 2

What do you think of Destiny so far?

Is Crystal Affair dead? Are you or FamousLastWords dead?

2510062 CA is not dead. We both have crazy busy lives and haven't had time to skype and write it!

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