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Happy Hugs · 7:25am Jun 12th, 2014

Report Pineta · 311 views · #hugs #climate science
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I see what you did there. Though in a world where meteorology is an industry, I'm not sure if Dash qualifies as a scientist per se.

Eh, who cares? Pony hugs.

In my country, the CreaTards want to strangle the Climatologists:

The CreaTards believe that the best way to get Jesus back is to trash the planet. Let us set all else aside and give them that. ¿What would Jesus do if he would be a deity and he would return to find the planet trashed?:

> “¡I gave you a planet and you trashed it! ¡You get to burn in hell forever!”

The point is that CreaTards deliberately try to ruin Equus.

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