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Something is happening. Unfortunately · 7:54am May 23rd, 2014

and it involves this guy ^

Please forgive me, and don't unfollow me come tomorrow... you'll understand in the morning.

New fic by Tidal, coming in the morning... because of a bet I lost.

Damn you, Night Spark.

Report Tidal · 202 views · Story: SO LISTEN... ·
Comments ( 7 )

First.....and u suck

No worries about me falling away, and what was the bet?

2137907 Long story short I bet him a fic that Apple would call me (since I have a decent resume thanks to a lot of work experience) last night. They didn't and well...

Fic gonna be uploaded in the next few hours :facehoof:

It was fun though. I enjoyed writing it and Night Spark and I spent the majority of our night laughing like crazy. :rainbowlaugh:

Want a sneak peek?

Password is 415

Have fun! Lol

2138034 It has been published. Enjoy more Tidal stupidness

I mean goodness:pinkiecrazy:

2138037 I just... oh, hahaha...:rainbowlaugh:

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