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It ain't canon no more :( · 3:06pm Apr 24th, 2014

I mean really, they didn't even try to make her look like Octavia. Give me a break!

Funny thing is, when I wrote this story, I thought the cellist was going to be revealed in the next week's episode. There was a photo of her later that month, but now I feel silly for rushing.

Thankfully, the AU tag only counts for the pony side. :3 I have avoided it.

Report PresentPerfect · 325 views · Story: A Puzzle Unsolved ·
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Comments ( 13 )

wait what do you mean? did they do something to Octavia in the new episode? I haven't watched it yet... :unsuresweetie:

I've no idea what you're talking about.

They revealed the cellist Coulson was dating in Agents of SHIELD.

oh god damn it. :facehoof: I don't even watch Agents of Shield. I have no idea about anything people talk about related to that show.

I missed it. The Yankee game was playing instead and the episode would re-air at 1:00 AM. :ajbemused:

Me neither, but it must have been a slow news day because Yahoo thought that was important enough to post it on the news bulletin.

I'll still take your version over the official version. Of course I'm a episode or two behind on that show.

I have no idea what is going on here. Is Octavia in series 4?

The cellist Agent Coulson dates was revealed in an episode of the show Agents of SHIELD.

So the bad guy wasn't a remnant of Nightmare's power on Earth trying to possess the only Equestrian on Earth?:coolphoto:

Wanderer D

See? I told you she had a cell phone.:pinkiecrazy:

This guy is my new fave.

Baseball takes precedence.

2042556 Now that would be an awesome alternate take on that episode. Someone should do that!

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