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    Luna, Princess of the Night has a purpose. She protects the dreams of ponies everywhere from the nightmares that may plague them... however most ponies don't realize, she doesn't do it alone.
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Looks Like WTG won't accept me! · 12:17am Mar 28th, 2014

I was so excited to submit Lucid to EQD for the WTG this week!

I put in all the information, the world count, and all that stuff. When I hit the submit button it fails...

telling me my word count is wrong!

So I re-read the rules, and it says 1,000-7,000 words.

Well poop. My story has 7,112 words. So I cheat and put a note saying it goes over slightly and type in that it has exactly 7,000 words.

Still nothing.

What in the world! I click on it ferociously and what do I see?

*Your story must have up to 6,000 words*


But right below that it says 7,000 but here it says 6,000 but WHY!!!!

I put a mega note explaining the situation, submitted it saying it has 6,000 words, and went to bed. I have received no email from them yet... and I really hope this doesn't get my fic turned away, cause Tidal would be a sad laundry detergent.

The reception so far has been great!! Thanks you guys!

Solitude, here I come! :rainbowdetermined2:

Report Tidal · 196 views · Story: Lucid ·
Comments ( 28 )

That sounds a little ridiculous to me. :derpyderp2:

I hate EQD. :ajbemused:

1960138 I had one of those "just my luck" Moments:ajbemused:

I hate when that happens >:C and hope your story really gets through, because then you have every right to be a sad detergent.

Aww :fluttershysad::fluttercry: it was so good though

1960141 I'd seriously like to punch those peoples in their nethers. :ajbemused:

What's writers training grounds?

1960147 Awh! I'm glad you liked it! We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

1960152 Like that is so funny and yet so sad at them. I'm confused which response to take on :P.

1960156 Basically what it is is whenever a new episode comes out on saturday, EQD released a few prompts for stories on monday, and you have to have them finished by thursday. It's usually a one shot from 1,000-7,000 words... this was my first time giving it a shot:unsuresweetie:

1960149 Lol!! They aren't all super strict but sometimes they are a little extreme:rainbowwild:

1960173 I've had only bad experiences with them. :ajbemused:

1960182 Same here, but I really like presentperfect. He's nice

1960169 LOL, my mind kills me in laughter sometimes. Nice one XD

1960191 Lol adorbz cat is adorbz!!

1960193 YES! :pinkiehappy:

So I gotta ask, does "Casks and Clovers Day" sound like a real pony version of St. Patty's? :fluttershysad:

1960200 Yeah I love the name! Very clever!

1960209 I actually didn't think it was too clever, but that's why I asked. :twilightsheepish:

Sounds like an unfortunate situation. But that's okay, we know your story is good! Best of luck!

1960295 It doesn't need to be accepted, I'm happy with it just the way it is now! I really like it:twilightsmile:

1960295 It doesn't need to be accepted, I'm happy with it just the way it is now! I really like it:twilightsmile:

Oh wow...:trixieshiftright:

That has never happened to me.
But then again, all of my entries so far have never really exceeded 2000 words. :twilightblush:

1960338 I have a bad habit of turning fics I plan to be 2,000-3,000 words with a simple plot, into massive worlds with 7,000-8,000 words:twilightsheepish:

1960342 Sometimes it seems like I am suffering from the exact opposite. I suppose your condition is better for an author.:moustache:

1960348 It definitely makes my writing take a while...

I have created so many story ideas, and universes! None as expansive as Spirits but...

I still have another story due by tuesday :facehoof:

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