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I review horsewords and stuff. :B

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Ohhhh snap · 12:00am Mar 27th, 2014

Guess I was wrong. D:

(A Puzzle Unsolved/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spoilers, for those wondering.)

Report PresentPerfect · 242 views · Story: A Puzzle Unsolved ·
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Comments ( 12 )

I'm trying to figure out something...
Coulson... aint he pushing daisies or something?

It's comic books. He got better.

Author Interviewer

Large portions of the series are devoting to explaining why this isn't so.


What do you think the blue dude is?

Author Interviewer

So far "Kree" seems to hold the most weight as far as viable theories go. :B

Right? But forming my own theory, I dunno. It's too soon to say. I'm super excited about the Winter Soldier tie in upcoming, and I really like how they pushed the pace of the second half along. Admittedly, it's not one of the best series around (Better than Arrow though. Screw Arrow), but I'm glad to see it's picking up. I hope they can shake out the kinks and actually work some character into the characters... and well.

I'm super happy they finally are going to introduce an actual NAMED anti-superhero. I am, of course, talking about Deathlok. And I'm quite excited to see who this elusive Mr. Clairvoyant is. Although my money is on that he's actually Professor X and this series has gone weird.

Too bad the Octavia angle got torpedoed, but all things remain possible in the world of fanfiction. At least you can take some solace that there are much worse ways to get it torpedoed than via Amy Acker.

Hey, that's specifically what the magic of fanfic is for! People still enjoyed the crap out of your story, which is what really matters.

Author Interviewer

I'm not sad or anything, I was pretty much waiting for this to happen. :V

That's very mature of you. Moreso than my 'Amy Acker and Humantavia wrestle in a pool of pudding' line of thinking.

Author Interviewer

...Don't give me ideas.

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