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AppleDashLight Contest! · 10:46pm Dec 26th, 2013

Yep, you're reading that right!
It's time!
Time fer what, Sugarcube?
Time for the AppleDashLight contest to begin!
That's now?!
Well shucks, that's great!
I know, I'm so excited
So, Tchernobog, what's it about?

Well, I'm glad you asked, Twilight, because I'll tell ya!

That's the point of me asking, yes.

Quiet, you.


The theme of the contest is: No theme at all! You can write any romance story about the three!

The three can either be in an existing romantic relationship, or you can develop it from scratch. The fic must also end with them in a relationship as well.

Restrictions are:

No Clop
No Anthro
No Crossovers
No Humans in Equestria, or Ponies on Earth.
Humanized is allowed, however.

Word minimum is 5000 words - but with these genres, it's fine if you go over that (it's in fact welcome!)

The submission date will be in two months - March 1st. That should hopefully give you time to get excellent stories going.

So let's see the best trio in action!

Judges are: Myself, Jondor, and KrazyTheFox.

First Place will win: A 11x14 or 12x12 commission by http://the-paper-pony.deviantart.com/ , plus a game of their choice from the following list: Battlefield 4 (PC, Origin platform), Need For Speed: Rivals(PC, Origin platform), Civilization 4(PC, Steam platform), Bioshock 1(PC, Steam platform).

Second Place will win: A vector commission by KrazyTheFox, plus one of the remaining games!

Third place will win: One of the remaining games!

Good luck, everyone!

And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask either myself, Krazythefox, or Jondor!

Report Tchernobog · 996 views · Story: Just A Couple of Ponies ·
Comments ( 30 )

Does it have to be a romantic relationship?

Yes. These are romance fics that we're looking for - either in an existing relationship, or developped from scratch.

Ooh. I liked Synchronicity, so I'm curious to see what stories will come out of this!


More awesome contests.... Tchernobog, I hate you. In an awesome way, of course :pinkiehappy: Because this is gonna give us a lot of good stories and the rules, I must say, are interesting, very interesting. I mean, mystery? Adventure? Horror? Oh, yeah.

But, for now, I will stay away of this contest. My last attempt showed that I need a good idea and a clear mind before writing a good story that works correctly. You should know that :twilightsmile:

Who knows in the future? There is a lot of time. Maybe some lightning hit me and give me twhat I need. Anyway, I'll watch very closely this contest :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I might be interested, maybe an adventure type of thing, if my current projects ever get a stop.
Current working on: TwiShy, Scootabelle.
Yea i can probably work on this a little, I may or may not be done with it in time tho.
But thanks for putting a idea in my head :twilightsmile:

Incomplete fics are welcome as well - and if they're good, you could win it anyways :) I look forward to what you do if you participate!

No Humans in Equestria, or Ponies on Earth.

Aaand of course I get tons of ideas involving humans being the bad guys in a horror story. It's too damn perfect.

Sorry. They just tend to detract from the ponies too much to make for a good story. :twilightsheepish:
Still, you could adapt the ideas to fit other creatures perhaps. Worldbuilding, hoooo! :ajsmug:

But what if I want to write a story where they're all ghosts and they give each other ghosty smooches? :pinkiegasp:

1650755 1650764
Introducing the minax: body of a minotaur, head of a sphinx! :pinkiecrazy:


That would be a bit odd. And live smoochies are better! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm going to go into my blushing corner at you featuring my question...

Well, so much for that. I was thinking about writing something for the contest, but I've got no ideas for those genres.

Aw. May I ask what the idea was? I'd still love to see it. And who knows, it's early. You may yet have an idea :twilightsmile:

1650840 Well, I did have the beginnings of an idea about an AppleDashLight, but it wasn't Adventure, Mystery, or Horror, so it wouldn't fit the contest. I'll throw it on my ever-expanding list of 'Potential Stories' and maybe I'll get around to writing it one day.

Ah, well. I'll keep an eye out for it ! :rainbowkiss:

A contest?

Oh my...I remember the last contest I entered, and I'm not entirely certain I want to go through that ordeal again. On the other hand, I haven't exactly been writing much lately...so maybe a change in pace might help offset things.

I'll need to think it over.

I have the BEST idea for a fic. Twilight and Rainbow are wishing farewell to Applejack as she is moving to Appleloosa after her farm went under. They are all in love still, so they're all still in a relationship, and Twilight and Rainbow will just be exchanging letters with Applejack from a distance. This allows me to get the background pony out of the way and focus MOSTLY on the TwiDash of the story... And it'll still be a AppleDashLight, because they still love Applejack; she just had to move to a new town and Twilight and Rainbow couldn't follow.

Mwahahahahahaha... My plan is BRILLIANT!

Challenge accepted! Are we allowed to take insperstion from things like silent hill and such as long as it's not a direct cross over?

I think that's okay - general ideas, the mood perhaps - though obviously not a cut/paste of names and such! ;)

Believe me when I say that wont be a problem, I was thinking more the style of the monsters in it and the whole town being ruled by darkness ideas.
(Also that was a quick reply)

I'm bored at work and always have a fimfic tab open, so I see notifications near instantly. :twilightblush:
That sounds like what we're looking for! I look forward to your entry :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, we'll see.
I'm going to write the story (Twilight Sparkle, horror), and see what happens. It's quite possibly going to end up with shipping, in which case I'll include it in the competition.

Two words: desktop notifications. Best thing that will ever happen to you.

i'am guessing that we submit our story's hear or are you going to make a separate post or that? :rainbowhuh:

1698384 you can submit it to fimfic as a story then link it here, or have it someplace like gdocs and link it here!

Is it ok to hawe a AppleDash and a Twishy or do Twilight got to be part of the AppleDash.:rainbowhuh:
Because if that is the case i might hawe to remove my self from the contest. :ajsleepy:

The point is really the triad - AJ, Dash, and Twi. It's a romantic relationship between the three, not a romatic relationship between two, plus friendshipping for a third.

Ok no prop i will step down, i will however thank you for putting the idea in my head and got some work into it. :raritywink:
I wish all the contestants good luck and i hope you will reed "The island of love" by me when it comes out :twilightsmile: (That only happened due to this contest so i'll hope that you will give it a shot :twilightblush:)

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