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AppleDash Contest #5 - Results! · 12:50am Oct 23rd, 2017

Come one, come all, and gather 'round for the announcement of the winners of the fifth AppleDash contest! The long wait is over!

We had a staggering 17 entries this time with a whole lot of first-time entrants, as well as the return of some seasoned veterans. In all, you all wrote 205,267 words (the longest entry being 30,005) over 57 chapters. That's seriously impressive!

The judges all had a very hard time picking out the winners, but we've finally managed to narrow it down to our favorites. If you thought the last contest was close, this was even closer.

Here are all the participants!

A Friendship Problem by Idsertian!
The Thin Line Between Wife And Death by King of Beggars!
A Gun Between Us by Cocaine!
The Grim Reaper looks like Paul Bunyan by Moonbuters!
A Spell of Time by YoshiFawful64!
Spectrum of Gray by Novel Idea!
In Hindsight by Aragon!
General Amnesty by Cynewulf!
The Hanging Hat by Snowybee!
Rookies by SPark!
Next Time by Oroboro!
Precious To Me by Allykitty!
I Can Date Better Than You by FrontSevens!
Titanium Jack by HapHazred!
Copycat by AJtheRaven!
What If by elPossenreisser!
Self Help by Tyro

So, without further ado, the winners:

In third place:

General Amnesty by Cynewulf

In second place:

Titanium Jack by HapHazred

Finally, we have, in first place:

Spectrum of Gray by Novel-Idea

Congratulations, everyone, on a super successful contest! Krazythefox be contacting the winners shortly to organize prizes. As for everyone else, watch the forum post. We'll have some honorable mentions to mention soon (as well as some thoughts/commentary on the winners)!

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Congratulations to the winners! That is am impressive word count!

Thank you to all of you who took part in the contest and dedicated your time and creative energy to producing new stories. :twilightsmile: Congratulations to the winners! :pinkiehappy:

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