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New Story on the Way · 1:00pm Nov 8th, 2013

Luminary is not, in fact, dead!

In fact, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things! All thanks to the ever-bubbly Jake the Ginger. He lured me nefariously into writing a collab with him, like the creepy guy in the van lures kids in with candy.

I'm thinking we make a rather great team. That Luminary detail-drowning, along with Jake's ability to actually tell an interesting story in less than a hundred trillion words.

So, Stay Tuned in the next day or two...

...for incoming is Unbound Skies, containing much delicious Steampunk (and clockpunk). All dark setting and bright, hopeful heroes. Smoke-billowing airships. Beautiful spies. Toymaker Pinkies. Clockwork Gummys. Swashbuckling Octavias. And of course, lots of adorable (and probably occasionally melodramatic) romance! (Including one I all but promised Jake I'd never do, or buy, but am now digging. Jake's insidious.)

What could be next for reforming Luminary? A return to Crucible?
Perhaps one day. But until then, I'm having an unmitigated blast writing Unbound Skies.

Also, huh, apparently I'm now an admin one of the largest groups on FiMFiction. The Writer's Group. It came as rather a surprise too. I can only assume that someone has made a terrible, terrible mistake, somewhere.

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Comments ( 14 )

Congrats on the Adminship! :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, people, I'm excited about this story, in what is probably a really unhealthy way :twilightsheepish:

D'aww, thanks Webby. :heart:

Glad to see you back from the writers grave :twilightsmile:

And you finally managed to drag me into the writers group... Shame on you :ajbemused:

It always needs more people happy to provide considered, sagely wisdom. I make no apologies!

Glad to hear you're back and working, and I'm intrigued about this newer story, but I admit I'm a little sad to hear Crucible is on the back burner for now. I'm dying to see where things go for Twilight.

Unless, of course, Unbound has a dash if Twilestia to console us? ;)

Regardless, best of luck, I'll have an eye on it.

Thanks Varanus!

Crucible might actually have better prospects than not too long ago. Being a collab, it means there are times when I'll be waiting on Jake. With me starting to catch the writing bug again, that free time might easily find its way toward my wayward fic.

It's weird, I have more Twiness, like, three chapters ahead, than I do most stuff in between.

Unless, of course, Unbound has a dash if Twilestia to console us? ;)

Ha! Alas, certainly not at the beginning.
It may be my favorite ship, and tempting to include, but considering the circumstances of the AU, it's just impossible to be there from the get-go.

I haven't read any Steampunk ponies yet, but the idea has always seemed interesting to me so I'm looking forward to it. Also good to hear about (possible) more Crucible.

I admit I was kinda hoping for Twilestia also. :twilightblush: There is a severe lack of Twilestia adventure fics, but gotta do what works for the story.

Not going to lie. There is now a Twilestia adventure fic located somewhere on my mental to-do list. :duck:

I tease for Twilestia, no worries. I'll be reading regardless.
That said,
1492625 All my yes. All of it. :pinkiehappy:

Good for you! :pinkiehappy:

Me, I'm seriously considering publishing my big story tonight. I was going to finish chapter 2 first but I could use the motivation boost. Should I do it?

Just fired mine off to the story approvers!

I'm sure your story will be awesome, Fervidor! I wouldn't expect any less than that from you, honestly. If you think it's ready to go, you should trust yourself.

Shall follow to provide proper upvoting and liking if you do happen to put it up tonight.
Maybe you can own that Feature Box again.


It's been ready to go for a while now, actually. I just thought I'd put off publishing it until I had the second chapter ready. That way I'd have a bit of a head start. I don't have a good history with long-running fanfics in terms of staying power.

Oh well. Will make sure to check out your story too.

Yeah, it was my worry here too. I published Crucible with, like, six chapters ready.

This one has me cutting the margin closer. I think Jake would be a psychological wreck if I made him wait that long.


Hm. Knowing me, I guess I'll end up falling behind anyway, so maybe I shouldn't worry too much about it. :unsuresweetie:

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