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Aesthetic's Preantepenultimate · 6:18pm Apr 23rd, 2012


The preantepenultimate chapter of Ponies Make War, My Name is Astor Coruscare, will be released Wednesday, May 2nd.

Any queries as to why that date isn’t right the hell now may be tossed my way in the comments. Until then, power of the horse.

Full force.

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I am just glad to see you writing again. Pony on you magnificent bastard.

Why isn't the date right the hell now?

...That's one before the one before the one before the last chapter... :applejackunsure: My head hurts.:derpyderp1: Why'd you always have to muddy the issue with yer fancy mathematics! :ajbemused:

:applejackconfused: what does that even mean?! :ajbemused:

"Ponies Make War, My Name is Astor Coruscare, will be released Wednesday, May 2nd. "

"Any queries as to why that date isn’t right the hell now may be tossed my way in the comments."
okay, ill bite, why? :twilightsheepish:

When you get the chance to use a word like preantepenultimate, you fucking take it. No questions.

Why isn't the date right the hell now?
And why did you use such REDUNDANTLY SOPHISTICATED words?
And the name of the newest chapter was obvious.

Hell yeah! Wooohoooooo! :yay:

So what about Rarity's Theorem?

Pre-Ante-Penultimate, so... 3 chapters left? Pre (1), Ante(1) Penultimate(last).


As an aside, looking forward to Rarity's Theorem as well.

"Ultimate" is last, actually. "Penultimate" is second to last. "Preantepenultimate" is fourth to last. Just being a pedant.

After a rewrite of oven fifteen thousand words (On top of the original eighteen thousand) RT still wasn't up to my standards. I decided to put some space between myself and the project and shift my priority to PMW. It'll come when it comes, which may be awhile yet.

Editing, mostly. At this point, every pre-reader has already taken a look at the chapter, so the only thing between it and publication is me. Unfortunately, some big changes need to be made before its worthy of readers. It's also the longest chapter yet, which doesn't help the process.

I've also got two exams coming up, and after those I'll be moving back home. That transition might hurt my writing for a bit, and I'd like to have a nice buffer so that I don't run out of work to release again. Yes, nine days is a long time, but the plan is that I'll have the penultimate chapter written by that time.

You got it commander! I'll be standing by awaiting your orders! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

...Or chapter...whatever...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Silverstein222 out!

Anticipation, overwhelming... I would ask you why not now, but honestly it's your hiatus. We plebs should be content just to know you're back.

Also, Power to the Horse sounds like an epic brony motto. Potentia ad Equus makes it sound even cooler.:rainbowdetermined2:

Capital! Any news on Rarity's Theorum?

I love you V:

i honestly hope that you find yourself in good spirits and that your Hiatus gave you the breathing space that you needed. i truly hope read more of your awesome writings.

it is good to see you are back. i anxiously await the publication of the next chapter.


That is a 4-cheese blend of 80's cheesyness, with extra cheese on top... I'd watch it.

I squeed at "It's also the longest chapter yet."


By the way, AstheticB. Is it safe to assume you'll no longer be trying to adapt your fic to many of the events that occurred in the series these past few months? Specifically the finale.

Even if you don't, gotta admit that Queen Chrysalis was pretty bad ass, right?

Awesome! I can't wait for it!
And good luck on your exams :pinkiehappy:

Canon and I have gone our separate ways. In the end, I found she was too high-maintenance. The appearance of changelings was funny, because another fic I have planned was using them already. And Chrysalis looked badass, and she even acted cool when she was in Cadance's form, but as soon as she revealed herself she just went full retard.

83226 Hah! To true. Well except for her little battle with Celestia. otherwise yeah her over-confidence was her weakness... Where have I heard that before. Sort of the modus operendi for villains in kids TV shows though. As soon as they're confident they won, they rest so hard on their laurels that they collapse faster then the French army, circa 1940. All the heroes really have to do is pull heads from asses and mop up.

Meh, I'm saving my hype for Rainbow's Postulate. :trollestia:

Oh, and relevant horse force, of course.

Preantepenultimate? :pinkiegasp:

That means my life is sixteen twentieths complete! Or 80% complete! Or lacking 20% to be complete!

That's it, you're gonna make my life 20%... more interesting :trollestia:

I had a feeling Astor would show her face, though I will have to see if it is by possession as I have been suspecting (hoping).

Oh sweet Celestia finally! And.. 2nd of May? That's too long! :(

Hmm.. I am quite curious to see how you will deal with the new canon we've gained. Or for that matter will you be dealing with it at all(ie- disregard it)? There have been a good deal of scenes where the existence of Shining Armour would have been brought up somehow in PMW. Also there's the fact that according to canon Shining Armour is possibly the highest official in the Royal Guard. Ah and you might have to address alicorn(?) Cadence since the canon gives no indication as to her origins.

Anyway I am SO glad you didn't wash your hands off this one, considering your hiatus and then the above mentioned canon inclusions. When it comes to action sequences and epic warfare this fanfiction is /the/ best one out there.

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