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    Sursum Aeternum!
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Just a Thought about Icarus · 4:50am Oct 5th, 2013

Hail, comrades!

I was working on the latest chapter of Fireflies when I was suddenly hit by an idea...

What the hell is Icarus going to say when Twilight suddenly becomes an 'Alicorn'? Seriously, what the hell is his reaction going to be? How in the Creator's name, is he going to deal with the fact that he can't fly, and suddenly on of his girls, who was previously just as grounded as him, can suddenly fly?

I'm working on my take of the events, but I'd gladly listen to any speculation you all might have.

Sursum Aeternum!
-Jet Howitzer

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Horn and Wings for EVERYONE!

I think Twilight is going to be very sheepish, and try not to fly around him.

She's not that kind of person.

Icarus... some bus shelters are going to get smashed up, but he's not going to hurt the girls.

If he does, I'll hurt him.

He's happy for her of course, but his reaction might be a tad... well...
I: "So you can fly, eh? That's... nice, yeah..."
T: "...Icarus."
I: "I'll just, go here to... think about some stuff."
T: "Icarus, I-"
*Icarus leaves room*
T: "..."
T: "Oh boy..."

More Alicorns Larson can fix that.


She isn't technically grounded, she is Alicorn-tier Unicorn to begin with. She can make the world around her stand on it's ears and dance. So it doesn't change much... From practical side of it. From psychological, yeah, I suppose it's big. Wings are a symbol as much a tool. So yeah. Depression at the start, at least. He's prone to do that anyway.

Then again, alicornication isn't exactly a commonplace event. So maybe the shock factor would beat the depression long enough for it to wear off.

I would honestly expect him to be pissed... Maybe try and get Celestia to give him wings?

He will be everywhere. He will feel betrayed from his close friend getting the ability to fly, happy for her, angry, and sad. All this time he was searching for a way to fly, but Twilight just gets it for being her? It will eventually settle in that he can't go the same way, but his emotions will be boiling until then.

He'll feel really happy for her for a time. After a while the realization will hit him full blow and will try to convince himself that it doesn't affect him at all. But being the self-beating, guilt-tripping, depressed-type of guy he tends to be, he'll act kinda distant with Twilight until she takes matter on her hands (she'd totally be like :twilightangry2:;:trollestia:).

N... No. Not going to do it that way. That's silly, and not at all my style.

the whole alicorn twilight thing has pissed me off since I first heard of it. The alicorns are suposed to be BORN alicorns, in otherwords "one does not simply become an alicorn" if you could then allicorns would be about as common as astronauts. That is my answer to your delemia jet

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