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A surprise. · 5:40pm Aug 7th, 2013

As the tittle says, I got a surpriced. I left last night with just a nice reaction, a thought and good wishes for my future, but once I woke up I found myself with something I had no idea how to handle.

Yes, this was my actual reaction.

I mean really, never I have seen so many people expecting anything from my person, at all. I was so supriced I almost fell from my incredebly comfortable chair!

So here I am to say, thank you to all of you for the follow, and I hope non of you get dissapointed.

I really do.

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Comments ( 19 )

Hi, I'm your number one fan.


... So, how's your story coming along?


As I said, the draft is almost done, the first chapter is almost ready to show, and my self confidence that this will suck is on the roof.

Better than I expected.:pinkiehappy:


Now I can welcome you as you deserve.


Thanks for being my first ever follower.:pinkiehappy:


Nice to see you as well, you should blog more often. :heart:

That's what you get when Mr Stargazer gives you a shout out :trollestia:
Anyhow good luck , and dont forget to describe many exquisite beards in your works.


Now that explains it.:ajbemused:

your welcome:twilightsmile:. And good luck whit your writing.

Well you asked me to help ya with mistakes. :derpyderp1:


And that would be good.:pinkiesmile:

What is your native tongue?


Spanish, why?:rainbowhuh:

Does the way I write make it obvious?:fluttershyouch:

1270508 No I speak with alot of different people with alot of different languages. After awhile I learned to spot when a person is a different language instead of just a spelling and grammar derp. Biggest set off, it isn't supriced.... it is surprised (I think that is what you are trying to say). It got my attention though so good work. also I speak some spanish.:yay:

1269264 aww why did you tell him:rainbowlaugh:

1274054 I wasn't supposed to? Next time say so in the shutout :rainbowhuh:

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