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A thing not yet dead. · 1:13am Nov 24th, 2013

If you don't understand, think of my story, and you should get it eventually.

It's not dead, I have been trying to find a proofreader and an editor for two weeks now. As I did I tried my best to fix things myself, and with the help of some friends, but they can do so much. But after TWO WEEKS of pathetic proofreading on my part alone I'm sick of waiting and will something to the table.

The re-writing of the first chapter.

To be clear, chapters are being written, but with no proofreading I shall not try to let any go out as I know I suck at fixing things that I have done. But once I get a proofreader I hope to deliver chapters more frequently. Even if that frequency is about one herz a month. I WILL DELIVER.

Or I will try pathetically.

Yeah, that.

The chapter should be up any second now.

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