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A way to live, and things to do and think about. · 8:27pm Nov 12th, 2013

Well, hello to all strange and unique characters that read this blog, this is both for my personal occurrences onto the lack of updates and the things I have thought to do to the story itself due to the opinion of several people in different places.

So to understand my situation keep reading, to simply read about the story 'ctrl+f' "Pineapple":pinkiecrazy: And remember I consider that all chapters already placed have been read so spoilers could be possible... oh what the hell, there will be spoilers of all, if you read it it's because you wish to see the story progress in a different way. I'll say what happends, not how it happends.

To the situation I am in with my computer being destroyed. Or at least the screen. So the reason of its recent mutilation.


One very well placed on the left side which I'm staring at right now. A laptop which I very hate and love. Only being able to write this using my awesome *Cough**Cough* tech skills, to place the vision of this screen into 'my' TV.

The one to deliver said bullet was an ass of a person as the bullet was supposed to be lunged into the back of my skull. Dick. Never have your back to the open door people, it's a lesson to learn. And a bullet passing close to your ear is a nice experience only after the moment of having a bullet pass your ear; a nice memory to tell. But I shall remove the cursing and bailing to the next room of my person to my grandchildren.

And what I find hilarious was that I was complaining of being sleepy, after that, wide awake as if taken all the coffee off the coffee maker.

So it goes like this, I was working on my company's office, it was late, I was barely awake, a walking zombie. It was dark as fuck outside and my computer was the only light I could see as any person knows it's awesome to be in the dead of night with only your computer on and headphones at max. It's my job to listen to some things and fix what's needed.

The guys outside, the security guys, are always taking breaks from time to time and come inside to give me a visit and drink something or simply talk, so I leave my door opened.

I was working on my table, which badly for me had only one side to sit which was facing a wall.

I didn't hear the gun shoots outside due to my headphones.

Got to the kitchen for a drink. Complained about being sleepy and that the night was shit, but I did love me some Mirai Nikki opening song.

Got back, touch the mouse.

My computer turned on.

And then the shot.

It appears that my silhouette suddenly appearing on the night in which a couple of stupid boys, which are part of the neighborhood gang, spooked my friends, the guards, really making a number on their reflexes.

So, as they searched for more of the bastards that almost killed them this sudden silhouette appears and one trigger happy of the duo doesn't even register it could be me.

He shots.

He misses.

I bail ass.

The camera outside caught the whole thing. I searched for YouTube of it, but it seems the company had full control over its holding.

And the aftermath goes with a lot of cursing and the wanting for a demand.

To. Me.:twilightangry2:

You see there's this protocol for hearing bullets, run like hell part for example, so in the little office I was in, there was no real possibility that I could ever be there. I mean, I was doing extra hours there but I wasn't that stupid to be there when a gun fight was going on outside right? Right?

So I was guilty for being there and the company itself told me that I will have to pay for the damage done from the bullet that almost kills me.

Of course this is extremely ridiculous so I would go for court on that. But if I do so I would lose my job and jobs here, especially the ones I am studied in, are downright impossible to find as there's no liking to any new guys out there. And here there's different set of laws than other countries so there's also that. Quitted that company like a boss.

But here I am, no real job, broken laptop in a TV that I call mine just because none uses it in a house where I can do absolutely nothing productive. Still studying but working for college now and they like to suck time like... I shall not finish that metaphor.

But to the Pineapple.:pinkiecrazy:

I have been told by many of the confusing setting and ways chapters go by in my story, so to correct this issue I was told to set each perspective into an explicit chapter, at least the beginning and the second parts.

First chapter would be Cristal Clear, pony OC and assistant, the chapter would go by as it shows but with more exploration of the place she lives, world building and characterization of the mare, and it would end meeting with the 'human' and of course nothing would be shown, only said and cut off. The dream sequence would be moved for another moment in the story and the thing that happened in the ship would be moved to the beginning of it to make sure logic is possible and the scene isn’t gone to waste.

Second chapter would be Twilight in her royal stating, but it would go deeper into the changing of Twilight's and Celestia's/Luna's relationship with her, her parents come to visit, and she participates on a political discussion of what to do on the arrival of the griffins and where the hell is the one pony that said she had explored and found nothing over the place the Griffins told there was something, something special there of course. This will end on the forest scene with animals perspective.

Third chapter would be the complete human part, at the end of the chapter in which the humans were seen last I would change perspective to the warrior woman called Margaret, third person this time, and would go by how they get into Equestria. In their perspective of course.

And the four would be the meeting of all three main of this story. The train scene, the meeting scene, added then the new scenes and exploding meeting. Of course the perspective will be third and there will be three way perspective change, maybe two as two of the main will be together and one has more happening, but being in third and having all characters presented should make that easier.

But in the end comes to people that read it. Is the story as it is, fine? Or the suggestions I was given and then thought would make it a more interesting read. I shall come by this blog by the end of the week to make a decision based on comments.

Thanks for reading.:twilightsmile:

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Omg what a bunch of ***************. Have you asked them what they would of done if he hadn't missed? Like drag the body out and hide it somewhere and trash the video? Either way glad to know you're okay.


Not a moment passes by without thinking the 'what if' scenario. But then again I'm not dead and being alive after that really shook the roots of all security management, training and employment of all companied national wise here. So that's a plus.:yay:

1502985 Well it better have. Who wants to work for a company who's guards go around shooting at employes? The fact should stand as they were in the wrong, they should of been informed that someone was still working.

If they don't work on the guards reaction, I hope they don't work on their aim for the sake of future employes.

Sad to hear about he gun shots.
Not sure on the pineapple you should do what you want.

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