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Bronycon - Attending it · 5:52pm Jul 29th, 2013

So, you guys have had to endure a few of my random rants in stuff you probably don't find that interesting, and that's not really what this blog is for. It is for announcements and such.

Let me make an announcement then, which I probably should have a month or so ago.

I'll be 99% likely (unless an emergency comes up) to be attending the Bronycon at Baltimore coming up. I've booked my hotel room and my car's ready and ofc I got the tickets. Why bring this up?

This is also likely the only 'con I'll be going to (I figure) and I'll hopefully get to meet a lot of my author friends as well there. But I'd also be happy and honored to meet any of my readers who may also be attending! Drop a line if you are, and maybe we'll meet up there at one of the panels or the like!

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Now I really wish I could go.

Any panels in particular you're looking forward to?

I'll be there! I'll be attending the panels for fanfiction so we'll probably see each other then.

Can't wait!

Are you interested in an MLP tie? I knew a few bronies going there and I can direct you to a person with a stand there if you'd like a tie merchandise.

Have fun.

Wanderer D

You know it. :raritywink:

I'll be there! I'd love to get the chance to hang with you.

I wish I could attend. But what with living in another hemisphere and all that stuff...

Was going, not anymore, wish I could, but you have fun while you're there :ajsmug:

I live just 2 hours from Baltimore, and would actually love to attend, unfortunately it takes place at the same time as Quakecon. I need a mirror pool.
Have fun though, if you're in a panel don't forget to link to the stream!


Fanfiction stuff, mostly! haha.

There we go. I'll almost definitely see you then!

Not sure yet how much stuff I'd be up for purchasing. I've always kept my internet and real life worlds pretty separate. A tie could be interesting and low key enough.


I'll be using my nom de plume there, so just keep an ear open!

You know, Min, it is a real shame you aren't there. You're one of those names I've known from before the MLP writing stuff. It'd have been cool to meet face to face.


Eyup. It is a little shocking just how far some peeps are flying for these cons. Impressive, too. But shocking.


Quakecon sounds pretty awesome, too. I was quite handy with a nailgun, back in my FPS Quake LAN days in college. I won't be streaming anything myself, but I'm sure others will be. Should be interesting to see just how digitized cons are now.

Sorry, I had just taken a week off from work for a family reunion type thing and couldn't see myself being able to get there the week it's held (though I did cut through Maryland twice last week).


Last day of the con! I've met a few of you but if not ill be at the 4pm fanfic panel and before that at quills and sofas

Arrrrgh, I would have been there but I had to leave early because a meeting in West Virginia got moved from 2 PM to 9 AM.

Next year, I swear.

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