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A Social Experiment · 4:21am Jun 27th, 2013

So I had a thought.

(Oddly enough, this does still happen these days.)

I've become fed up with my general lack of golden-god literary awesomeness, and so I'm intent this weekend to go on a crazy hours-long writing spree fueled by rock music and scotch.

This would be comprised of me indulging a sort of stream-of-consciousness method of writing whatever idea felt like speaking up at the time, as opposed to contiguous story as I do typically. Though, who knows, maybe that'll happen anyway.

Now, I'm sure that this alone is cause for taking to the streets in celebration[1], but that wasn't the thought.

No, the thought was that this spree of writing could be open for public viewing, through the wonder of Google Documents.

Cynewulf aptly described it as sort of like livestreaming, except that there would be no livestream, as much as I'm sure some of you would like to watch me drink, write, and sing along to classic rock conspicuously well[2].

So I figured I would open the idea up to public consideration / reap some advertising. ^_^

[1] Disclaimer: Celebrations not guaranteed vindication. Resumption of writing does not promise resumption of release. Offers not valid in Quebec, Delaware, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and other locations where fun is prohibited by law.
[2] I'm a little out of practice, but I sing at near a professional level. Well, really above professional, at least insofar as most of the twits on today's radio can 'sing'.

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That sounds like damn fun.

And you sound like a cranky old man in the best possible way...

I, for one, would be interested in this. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to be available to do things like tuning in for that until sometime early next week...



Eh, fun is outlawed everywhere in Quebec except in Montreal.

I approve of this

I say go for it man, and if not for making it live, at the very least for the writing; I've been waiting to read more of your writing. I honestly don't know who you're comparing yourself to here to not have at least a shred of confidence in your skill. :trixieshiftleft: Because you should.

Anyway, if you do livestream, I'd love to watch, but knowing my crazy schedule I certainly can't promise I'd be there :raritydespair:.

But yeah man, go for it! :yay:

1171258 I'm suppose my snarky self-deprecating humor may be to blame, so I'll just mention this here:

I honestly don't know who you're comparing yourself to here to not have at least a shred of confidence in your skill. :trixieshiftleft: Because you should.

Oh, I do. When I say I'm fed up with my lack of literary golden-godliness, this is because I am, in fact, a literary golden god. My writing is damned boss, and I'm entirely aware of it.

I can count the number of people on Fimfic who write better than me (*among those I know of) on...perhaps narrowly two hands. Maybe only one.

Alongside my healthy appreciation for my skill with a pen, however, is my frank acceptance of my summary lack of discipline in taking that pen up. I write magnificently, but I also don't write all that much; and indeed it's possible that I write so well because I take my time, but there's taking time and there's apathetic procrastination, and we've long since entered the latter.

Ergo, rock music and booze. :twilightsmile:

Since reading Ghosty's Civil Services stories has delighted me in the art of annotations as a narrative and artistic device, I would lampshade the concept by highlighting Twilight Sparkle attempting to corral the instrument in her own writings, then completely losing her train of thought.

(Not that this train is ever securely parked, mind you...)

I would be very interested in witnessing the real-time development of one of your fics.
I wonder if it isn't possible to record the process for those of us who are only free at odd hours.

I heard joke once:

Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed, life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up."

Man bursts into tears."But doctor" He says, "I am Pagliacci."

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.



I am extremely interested in how well this is going to work. If at all possible, I think I shall turn up.


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"Wow, you are win us", say other Latvians. But all are feel sad.

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