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There is a thing · 4:51pm Nov 13th, 2013

So I may have released a story this morning. It's a little thing, but I like it.

Unfortunately, I'm not crashing back into ficdom like some crazy meteorite or such just yet. Working night shifts tends to do that. This isn't to say that things aren't being worked on, but most (all) of the ideas I have in progress right now are longer ones. I might shake my brain around a little though, see if some more smaller oneshots fall out.

I've also been smitten with Fluttershy of late. You might be able to tell. This also may not be the last story she pops up in.

Cheers ^_^

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Take your time. It was good, though I do love your Twilight-Celestia interactions so much I was disappointed it wasn't one when my notification box dinged. Regardless, you captured all the characters post-coronation well. Although it didn't really...go anywhere. As a warm up piece it was nice, but as a story...I didn't really feel the urgency behind its creation.

Just noticed the new story, can't wait to check it out.

Night shift, eh? My first instinct is always to imagine that being grueling, though it probably isn't, and depending on what you're doing, it's likely boring. Of course, I have no idea what it is you're pulling a night shift for. And if you don't use this experience to write a Luna fic, I'll...I'll...I dunno, tell on you to Varanus or something.

Fluttershy eh? Oh, intriguing. And only 1292 words? I might go ahead and read it right now.

If it's the boring kind of night shift, maybe carry a notebook for jotting ideas down?

1506754 The work is fine. The manager is a condescending and self-entitled idiot. That, and just working at night means my body demands more sleep because it's awake all night, regardless of the actual time involved.

1507107 I do carry a book with me, actually, but for reasons such as above, I find it hard to actually devote mindspace to stories there. There's also a part of me that plain doesn't want to associate the two.

Unfortunately, I would say most managers in your everyday jobs aren't fit for the position (well, in the states, anyway), and for me, condescending and self-entitled qualifies as being unfit. I think people generally just want the title and extra pay but none of the responsibility, finesse, and difficulty that comes with being a good manager. They can really make or break a job. In any event, I don't blame you for not wanting to associate your work with pony.

That interesting, it sounds like a psychological effect, needing more sleep just because it's at night. Would probably happen to me, too. Has it put a dent your social life much?

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