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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D

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    Heyo guys!

    Just wanted to give you a quick update on progress. The latest chapter is written, and I have started on writing the chapter after that. So the story is moving ahead nicely. :twilightsmile:

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Status! · 8:58am May 11th

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Hooray for gamer Luna!!

Dawg #2 · May 11th · · ·


Feroz #3 · May 11th · · ·


Great timming. I started rereading it yesterday. Now if Only Münster wins and Köln gets a draw, this day will be perfect :)

Huzzah indeed.

You are alive!

I am... But it was a long journey... I climbed mountains, and swam rivers. I battled men and monsters alike. Defied demons and gods, but now I am here! :pinkiecrazy:

Good news


Hu? Who what when where why how waffle‽

Hope all is going well. 😊

Not sure if you noticed, but the chapter update in the long Description that leads here says "11/04/24" which means "Nov. 4th, 2024", which we haven't even reached yet:twilightblush:

Unless I missed something, it looks like you might have meant 05/11/24. (May 11th, 2024)

I live in Denmark, so we use date first, month second, and then year. So for me it is right. :rainbowlaugh:

Got you. I forgot it might be different depending on where you live

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