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New Cover! · 3:55pm April 17th


New Cover for my story. Made by the very talented, MCShelster! :rainbowwild:

Report DanishDash · 776 views · Story: High Score! · #Cover #art #awesome #new cover
Comments ( 9 )

...I think you changed from gold to wood because the previous one was incredible and this one...well it's not that it's bad but there is no comparison, the previous one was thousands of times better

Perhaps, but that artwork was not mine. This one is. :twilightsmile:

I guess it's fair, it's always better to use what you own

Not bad, though the other was better.

I like it feels more personal other looked better but this is not bad :)

When new chapter?

I have to agree, the last cover was simply better. I wouldn't like to upset the artist, but Redchet Green's art is on a completely different level. Moreover, the text "High Score by DanishDash" is terribly readable in miniature.

I have to second this. The art isn't bad in the least but comparing the two just is not fair.

i would just change the font used in the logo lettering, but it looks cute!

can barely see the holes in the letter B in By DanishDash

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