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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    MLP Gen5 Butts are too small

    Seriously, they are. This is by far the most important issue, if they made their asses fatter it would improve viewership. If they made the ponies thicc prudes would complain, which would only draw in even more viewers. Twilight Sparkle, the protagonist of the series has a fat ass, and her teacher Princess Celestia, who's ass is even fatter.

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    I don't like anthro

    The main reason is uncanny valley. When something looks human but not quite. A perfect example would be a robot trying to mimic being human, it looks unsettling. It's somewhat insulting towards the ponies, you have Twilight Sparkle there a beautiful unicorn and you can't embrace her just because she's not fully in human shape, even though she has all the qualifications to be a sapient-minded

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    The attacks on anime are ridiculous

    I am sorry about this blog, but anime as in japanese cartoons made in japan are under attack by western moral puritans, because it doesn't adhere to their moral standards. This strikes me as a very imperialistic mindset, not everyone has to adhere to our values.

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    Help for Ravvij

    Ravvij, a good old friend of mine from the Barcast needs help. He is in financial jeopardy. I am going to provide a link to Flutterpriest's blog. since he can speak on the matter far more adequately than I ever could.

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    Twilight's Big Book Loving

    A new Twibutt story, hope you enjoy. Has the usual Bendy flare. I made it alongside: FanOFAges.

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Mature Content Keeps This Site Alive · 9:03am July 1st

Never bend the knee to boring prudes who want everything clean on this site. M-Rated stories literally keeps this site alive. You know what I like to do after having a hard day's work? Go read a human x pony story. I often re-read many of my favorite clopfics over and over, and again.

Sorry, but I just felt like ranting. (also a recent thread I seen annoyed me greatly) I seen prudes on this site complaining about m-rated stories and making a long winded post, when these people would destroy this site. They complain about seeing m rated (I say, especially human x pony) or other stuff in the feature box. Well, sorry to tell you, but people love these stories.

Report Bendy · 333 views · #Mature Content #clop #clopfic
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Virtue signaling and moral pushing will lead to a huge loss of members and alienate not only your name, but give yourself a reputation as well :facehoof:

Bendy #2 · July 1st · · ·

That is why we can never let the prudes win on this site.

It’s not like they have to see the m-rated stuff. There are filters :applejackunsure:

Bendy #4 · July 1st · · ·

That's not enough for them. They find it morally objectable. They want to take away your fun.

I have found that most people who create very public outrages about mature-themed media are themselves consumers of said media in private and they think that banning something that they publicly cry out against won't affect their private viewing of it, the typical holy roller rules for thee but not for me mindset.

Also: It's been a minute since we've seen a big booty mare Bendyfic. This site doesn't feel complete with a fic where you write a story where the mare's cheeks clap when they walk, which leads the human to clapping their cheeks.

If I come across a story that has elements that I find unpalatable, unless the author is actively promoting and/or condoning pedophilia, sex trafficking or violence against an out group from their perspective, I just don't read it and don't say shit.

These same people probably clap and cheer for laws banning books, then whine because their holy book winds up on that banned list.


These same people probably clap and cheer for laws banning books, then whine because their holy book winds up on that banned list.

"I never thought leopards would eat MY face," sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

I know to what you are referring.
The individual in question has their head so far up their own ass that they can see tonsils.
Sex does not equate to "bad". Erotic does not equate to "worthless." Sometimes, sure. Always, NO!!! And anyone who believes that probably also has never had a sex-positive experience in their life. Juuuust saying.

You tell'em Bendy! I saw the thread that you mentioned. It's sad to see people get so far up their own rear ends, and so tone-deaf on the site. I wish there was more that could be done to remedy the situation.

Bendy #10 · July 1st · · ·

I still writing, just slowly. Getting back into gear now, got some ideas.

Yeah. I think you might be right. Annoying if want to ruin the fun for everyone.

I don't think the person is going to change their mind. It's like banning a beer that selling well in a bar, makes no sense.

I know he's not. it's sad. He's always been like that tho. too paranoid and stuck in a religious book he now uses as his moral compass.

I wrote a shitpost I was so ticked off about it, lol. I hope this encourages you to get back to writing as well, my friend.

Bendy #13 · July 2nd · · ·

I feel like writing a parody story now myself. Basic premise, the human suddenly becomes a prude while in the middle making love to a pony for some reason.

Seems like a real fun police attitude.

Bendy #15 · July 2nd · · ·

Made it. Hope you enjoy.

Absolutely do it. Blessed bendy fic posting

So this is intentional and not just some bug in the website? Damn.....:raritydespair:

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