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Story can also be found on deviantart here----> http://chrysalisxcelestia.deviantart.com/

Chrysalis seeks peace with Equestria and Celestia. Celestia has a hard time trusting the Queen but tries to give her a chance. She may soon realize that an old foe may become more than even a friend! Meanwhile both their kingdoms have trouble dealing with the sudden alliance. These two not only need to get their relationship straight but their government and society settled as well; and they'll need each other to do it.

Trixie has messed up but doesn't want to be such a bad mare. She grows fondness towards her rival, Twilight, but still has her pet peeves about who is best. Twilight wants to help Trixie but has a hard time getting past Trixie's stubbornness. Their intertwined love/hate relationship cause them to end up in a mysterious temple.

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A story of romance, fighting and most of all....the classic war of good vs evil. This was my first fanfic ever done.

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