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A story of romance, fighting and most of all....the classic war of good vs evil. This was my first fanfic ever done.

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Such a shame this has more dislikes than likes. I know it wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed reading it (and it has my OT3 :pinkiehappy:)


Thanks and yea this was my first story so I didn't expect it to take off but I really wish I had gotten critisism so I could improve.:applejackunsure:

2084315 Half of them probably didn't even read it.

2084411 Just trolling I guess?

Wow that was a dark ending. Would definitely be cool to see how their schemes ultimately fail, or not. That's the joy of fanfiction, we get to make up our own endings.


Heh thanks and I love how your Avatar kind of goes with the comment lol.

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