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Rattus and The Victor

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Starlight Glimmer knows she does not deserve the life and forgiveness she has been given. Tortured by the disingenuous nature all creatures posses, she finds a hard time connecting with anyone. She is burdened with the pony she is, knowing no pony would ever truly like her nor wants to indulge their time in her.
She learns to cope with difficult truths and overcome many mental hurdles and improve in her own cognitive health. She begins to find what kind of pony she wants to be- even if that is easier said than done- especially with a danger looming over Equestria that she is not allowed to help with or see.
She never had the easy hoof dealt to her in life. Now as she tackles problems, past, present and future, she must confront the biggest challenge of all; learning to love yourself and become the best pony you can be.

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What would you do if all you were capable of doing is shattering dreams and bringing despair?
What would you do if you woke up one day, with only blurred memories mingled with pure darkness?
What could you do if you could only ask yourself these questions, What am I....who am I?

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Running away from home was probably the wisest decision Spitfire had ever made
Without the rash ideal for a life separate from maintaining a traveling circus with her father, Spitfire would have never disembarked for Cloudsdale.
During that time, she would meet her life-long friends, Soarin and Fleetfoot. The trio would become animate about the legendary flying group- The Wonderbolt's.
Through the course of time, Spitfire would discover not only the secrets to becoming a Wonderbolt, but what it takes to be a empowered pony of flight.

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