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I'm very interested in diseases. I generally write about death and devastation, but I still maintain a decent variety of stories. I'm most proud of Pandemic and I'm Coming For You.


Equestria's an old country. It's seen it's fair share of new viruses and deadly outbreaks. The scientists and health officials have a respectable understanding in pathology. But never before has there been an outbreak like this... it came out of nowhere, hit the unsuspecting ponies hard, and left nothing but devastation in it's wake. There are only a few survivors left.... just some scattered groups, desperately clinging on to life. However, nopony can hold out forever...

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How would you feel if you lost everyone you loved and everything you had in the blink of an eye? Would you try and rebuild your life? Give up and end it all? Or would you abandon your dreams to avenge your past? For Braeburn, it was the latter. It was a great day at first. Everypony in Appleoosa was busy celebrating that year's harvest. Braeburn found himself a poker game and just couldn't lose. That next day, something tragic happens... something unspeakable. And Braeburn, his soul consumed with loss, hops on the trail and will stop at nothing to find the three ponies responsible.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger crossover. If you've never played it before, get it. It is amazing. And yes, this story contains guns. I don't know how I'd write the combat without them, since it's supposed to be an Old West theme. The guns are modified, so the trigger guards are big enough to fit a hoof comfortably. If you don't like the idea, don't read the story.

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What seemed like a normal day at first glance was actually the start of something horrifying...

Twilight had gone out to a picnic with her friends, and spotted something off about a few of the ponies. A few weeks later, the first death. Was it just bad luck, or the start of something terrible? Read along as Twilight finds out....

Contains ponies dying! If you don't want to read about that, turn away now.
Cover Art by me. This is the rewritten version of an older story of mine, which was extremely unrealistic. Please comment what you thought of it.

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It was a horrible summer. The sun's merciless heat had scorched Sweet Apple Acres, and caused a severe drought. The Apple family faced losing the property, since they had no bits to get water or pay for the land. Big Macintosh makes a desperate attempt by borrowing money from a shady faction. The money does wonders to help, but Big Macintosh is in debt. The ponies he borrowed from make a threat against his family, and he has to undertake a dangerous and difficult job to save them. How will it all turn out?

Constructive and friendly criticism is strongly encouraged.
Red Dead Redemption X MLP Crossover

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