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Friendship is Ambient Drone Music · 1:48pm Last Wednesday

brb getting this tattoo'd on my forehead

Crooked House

Some follow-up for you!

The cover is a crop from Francis Bacon's unnerving painting, "Head VI." Love the cube in that picture. Very good angles. Lots of strong vibes.

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2958054 Sure, I don't see why not. If you want to talk specifics let's move over to DM.

One quick question: Would it be possible to pay for a commission in installments?

2957708 No need to apologize friendo! I do take commissions. You can check out this blog for more info.

I apologise if I asked this before, but do you take commissions or requests?

2928397 Absolutely my dude! It's very re-readable. Can't wait to see what you're brewing up next :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 322 - 326 of 326
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