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The Ones with a capital "O"

The Ones, Part Two

  • Edited By Twilight, reduced to bashing her head against a table to ease the feeling of literary inadequacy over an unwritable essay, turns to Spike for some more practical advice on finishing her essay--and why she should write it in the first place. by TheBandBrony 3,838 words · 3,348 views · 261 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Just a Little on the Side She said she would be back at nine. by TheBandBrony 1,036 words · 446 views · 29 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Three out of Ten Every day, Pinkie Pie cooks dinner for her marefriend, Twilight Sparkle. Every day, it gets a little worse. by TheBandBrony 3,943 words · 2,038 views · 123 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Jazz Lounge Ponies can be weird sometimes. And the weirdest, most stupidly obvious thing about them is they can't snap. by TheBandBrony 2,795 words · 686 views · 14 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Save the Records Whether you tacet or play along, all songs must end in silence. by TheBandBrony 2,771 words · 854 views · 80 likes · 8 dislikes

The Ones, Part Three (nsfw)


Helping the community through ponies and proofreading. Mostly the latter.

Paladin, by The_Pariah

Discordant, by Ezra09

Dark Skies on Cutie'd Thighs, by reflexrex

Rarity's Best Makeover, by SwiperTheFox

Three, by Killjoy

The Road to Ponyville, by GlueFactory

Dash's Tears in the Rain, by SwiperTheFox

Unfurling the Ribbon, by Ribbon_Rush

3OM: Tartarus and Everfree, by Killjoy

Mordane Stronghoof, by Mr. Stargazer

Heroes Rise int he Darkest of Times, by Vlarrion.


Music Lessons by Bandy: Nonresolving Fully Diminished 7 Chords · 5:21pm March 11th

Normally I don't share my compositions online (streaming services take enough off the top as it is!), but since I know for a fact you're all cool people who aren't down with intellectual property theft, I think I'm safe.

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Did you get my last PM?

It is astonishing to me that people still use this site, to this day.

I think the cadence in your bio needs to be resolved. The tension’s getting to me. :rainbowderp:

1685863 Wow! Thanks for the signal boost, dude.

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