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When Kyubey asks Twilight Sparkle to make a contract with him, Twilight gets the surprise of her life! After watching her friend die and dealing with a near death experience herself, Twilight Sparkle must face the challenges and ordeals of being a Puella Magi. How will she be able to cope with the changes in her life? Will she be able to cope at all? (This is one of my first fanfics, so constructive criticisim is needed)

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Ash Ketchum, a ten year old boy finds himself in Ponyville, after falling through a portal. after several Pokemon follow him through the portal, He and Fluttershy must travel across Equestria to get the wild pokemon back to his universe, while his rival, Gary Oak wants to let them destroy Equestria, or does he? (This is my first fanfict, so that's why it's so shitty)

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