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I have a tumblr i draw art on and a youtube that update both you and my subscribers on there. I am only here for my writing hobby. I never expected anypony to like my stories :)

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5 years have passed since the defeat of discord and Twilight has just finished her studies of magic, very few unicorns have ever accomplished this and at such a young age of 18 too. There has been something that twilight has always wanted to know about ever since her early days as Princess Celestia's protege, and that is "what is contained in the sacred library?" now the sacred library is considered somewhat of a myth in equestria, legend says that only a very rare few have been inside of this library and the ones that have, have never been seen again. Twilgiht feels as though now that she is ,politically, Princess Celestia's equal, that now she may be able to at least KNOW what the library contains, but when she is turned down yet again by the princess a mysterious creature appears offering her a way to not only know what the library contains but to actually gain entrance in the library itself. Will this mysterious creature deliver its promise, or does it have other intentions for Twilight?

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how far would you go for love or recognition? How much perseverance would you have after becoming an orphan? would life really be worth living? It's been only 4 months since scootaloo went into foster care. She has suffered alot emotionally but she doesn't pay any mind to at as she just wants her idol, rainbow dash, to notice her and be proud of her. Well her chance comes during the summer when she asks rainbow dash if she could become her flying apprentice. What scootaloo doesnt know, is her training methods. She is forced by rainbow dash to give 110% everyday all day. On top of that she has an abusive foster mother to deal with when she gets home. Can scootaloo survive the torment? Or will she collapse and give up and risk losing recognition from the one she admires most and continue living her life in a sad, lonely, depressive and pitiful state?

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