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David Schmidt is a retired military officer and a successful businessman, suddenly found himself in a different version of the Equestria that we know and love.

Join him as he discovered that this Equestria is much darker than you might think.

How can he survive? Find out more.
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This is a random one-shot story that I suddenly have an urge to write so don't tied it to my other stories because this don't have any relationship with those story

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Orion Selenevsky, a half ukrainian half german, graduated from Bundeswehr University Munich, he has knowledge on engineering, politics and military, and yet he did not find a job...it find him as Ukraine and Russia face combat and its his duty to defend his home from the Russian as the guy that assist in Engineering, but one day a russian rocket hit the building he was resting resulting in him dying....that is what he thought happened anyway so how the hell is he in a crystalline throne room and how is that evil looking horse talking.

Also please understand this is but an experiment, I am only going to see your reaction to this story
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