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I might use this account to upload stories in the future. — [homosexual; he/him pronouns]

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You're welcome :twilightsmile:

Thanks for favoriting my story.

Procrastinat... Uhh... heh... I'm very familiar with procrastination as well:twilightblush: For me, the key to writing a story is to forget about writing anything you don't want to write, you'll never finish it. If you really want to write something, still don't write it. Sit on the idea for a week or two. If you still want to write it after all that time, go for it.

It has to be something you want to write. I have a ton of stories on my account just sitting with two chapters out but are unpublished because I lost interest. I do have one story out right now, which I'm only writing the story for myself. And though I may be going through writer's block, I'm still interested in seeing it through to its long-term goals.

I suppose writing does require a bit of an imaginative mind. Sometimes I'll sleep on the stories I've read, and think about something until I have a very, very loose idea which I can refine and improve as I write. Though I like to just write on the fly, so there isn't much refining, just loose Ideas.

Yeah, I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to writing the story, tho. I tend to procrastinate a lot, and I struggle to get a story to 1000 words.

Ohh! It's one of those things that starts off perfectly innocent but changes halfway in right? I remember a few simular things to those, and they can get creepy:fluttershbad:

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