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Crystalline Waters

Hi there! I love all things Wonderbolts and Soarindash related. Fleetfoot is my favorite Wonderbolt, Luna is my favorite princess, and Lightning Dust is my favorite antagonist. That's all for now! :)

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Every time Lightning Dust looks in the mirror, she is unsure whether or not it's really her looking back. Maybe it is really her, just ... emptier. Maybe it's just the her that was meant to be. Either way, she doesn't know this new mare in the mirror. And she doesn't know how to help her.

But maybe she can help herself.
Written in the first person.

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Fleetfoot has known for a long time that she was gay. Since she was a little filly she has known. But in the wake of ponies who want to tear her down, it's really hard to actually accept herself. Spitfire has been nothing but an amazing marefriend to her, but she still thinks that somehow they're doing something wrong. One's identity, she learns, is perfect when happiness and love are free to come and go in whatever direction feels right.

Written for the Pride and Positivity Event 2021. You can help our voices as well as others' be heard by donating to some of the charities involved this year.
-Transgender Law Center
-Palestine Children's Relief Fund
-Sewa International (Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief)
Cover art by: Me and ItzAlayah on Deviantart

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It's been a long journey for Scootaloo. She has made a career out of scooter stunts and reflects on how much her older sister and friends have helped her get to where she was. Through times of doubt and distress, she has always been provided a shoulder to cry on and a pair of hooves when she couldn't stand on her own.
Based on Dressed in Black by Sia.
It's about the love of close friends instead of a lover that I'm pretty sure is spoken about in the song.

T.W. Mentions of suicide and self harm

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Rainbow Dash is new to the Wonderbolts but isn't a stranger when it comes to relationships, even if they've ended poorly. Soarin Skies has been a Wonderbolt for some time now but is pretty inexperienced when it comes to mares. Follow them as they set out on a journey to find what they've always hoped for, as well as try to help each other through whatever challenges may come their way.
Inspired by: Fleetfire by Melody Song

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After having lunch with A.K Yearling, Rainbow becomes interested in trying to write a book. About herself and her teammates, what they're like when they're not performing. She creates chapters that share anecdotes of her team, all taking place in her daily life. Because with her team, every day's a new dramatic adventure. After all, no one has ever seen the Wonderbolts from the other side of the flight suit.

This story is a semi-sequel to Ex-Bolt's Rising by Melody Song. This is an adopted fic, so the first 8 chapters are by her. I will be writing the remaining chapters starting with chapter 9.

Edit 3/7/21: this story is now on hiatus, reason is detailed here

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