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i'm a youtuber, zimmer twins user, deviantartist, fandom writer and fanfiction writer on Fanfiction.net and i'm now also a fanfiction writer on FIM Fiction

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This is a story about a young pony named Harry who raised by Rarity Belle who is trying to hide away the dark secret of his past, soon, Harry comes in contact with the ones from Rarity's past, which results a major conflict between his lifestyle and the fate of what happen to him and Rarity, his mother

Sorry to be away long after a hiatus, but i have been running low on ideas, so i decided to create this story which inspired by a pretty interesting novel called Storm Boy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storm_Boy_(novel)

Hope you enjoy it

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It's time for the birthday of Ponyvill's crazy and kind pony, Pinkie Pie!
Right now, the main 5, along with Spike, are at Sugar Cube Corner, getting everything ready for Pinkie's surprise birthday party

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in this short story, Scootaloo tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders about her family and how she lost them in a terrible way...

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this is a story of Princess Flurry Heart, who has grown and is now 5 years old
since then, Flurry Heart had been passionate of herself as she learnt about the world of Equestria after being taught by her mother, Princess Candace
one day, Flurry Heart starts to know about the elements of harmony when her mother explains to her about them.
Now with the elements of harmony by her side, a new adventure for Flurry Heart is about to begin...

Note: there will be some returning characters and new characters in this story

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