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A Christian girl who loves to write, and loves writing romance! (Also Main account: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/348697/Short-Stories-Pony)

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  • 52 weeks
    A New Story Coming Out Soon!

    Hey everyone, I'm sorry if I've never been on this account in a while but I'm back as I got a new story in plan to write and post. I'll keep it as a surprise, and when it comes out hopefully you'll enjoy the read!

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  • 151 weeks
    New First/Last Name. Plus new cutie mark!

    Hey everyone, I'm back and I've been making a new and last name for Laura Daniels and I've made some new cutie mark ideas too!

    So, for her first name(s), I thought of this: Lina, Maria, Elvira, Honey, Victoria, and Honey.

    For her last name(s), Cross, Note, String, High, and Don.

    And lastly for her cutie mark ideas, I've got about three for her designs, hopefully you'll enjoy it!

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  • 152 weeks
    Remake of A "Special"

    Hey everyone, Laura here! So, I've been doing my own things and I've never wrote my other ideas for the my two Au's. I even thought of something, what if I remade the final special of "Holiday Unwrapped?" Like make it into a full length story, perhaps with development of character or relationships, drama, etc? I thought of doing a remake tbh with you and I've had it on paper but I didn't write down the plot yet.

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  • 152 weeks

    Ik this is random, but do you think I should change my oc's name? Like instead of Laura it could be something similar to her original name. I will keep the Daniels or perhaps change her last name. Plus for Laura's bio, I'm making it in my google docs still and I'll post it whenever I'm ready to post. I've also chosen the new design and that's the first one I told about in my previous blog.

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  • 152 weeks
    Redesigns For Laura Daniels!

    Hey everyone, I'm back as I promised for the redesigns. I've made only two and I've wanted to know which one is perfect.

    First one: Laura's hair would be wavy as her hair colors would be hazel brown with light orange highlights. She'll have the continuation of having white skin but half her downer body would be blue. Her eyes would be dark blue with violet around the middle. Her extras would be having a red stripe on her torso as she got it during a battle with her friends and boyfriend.

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Welcome To My Account!

I am just a writer, out there to make quality over quantity fanfictions. I'll also accept any criticisms, as I want to improve on my writing.

I mainly write romance, straight ships, mostly my canon x oc (Zephyr Breeze and Victoria Cross), etc.

But, if you're interesting in my main content, here's my main account:

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Hello everypony! My name is Laura, also you can call me writes for short. I am a back up account for: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/348697/Short-Stories-Pony and hopefully you can get to follow me (and my main account) and see new stories I will make!

Thank you and God bless you!

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