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I'm a christian writer, a singer and I love cartoons dudes! Plus, I love Zephyr! (Also Main account: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/348697/Short-Stories-Pony)

About myself, who I love and things I love to eat!

About me:
-I love watching cartoons (Either some new or classic)
-I write romance and sometimes other genres
-I'm a born again Christian
-I've been writing for at least a long time?? (I don't remember)
-I'm seventeen

Favourite foods:

My fictional crushes/dorks! (Plus, a look at my oc!):

(Picture was made by https://www.instagram.com/_aver.rii_/, her art is amazing!)

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Hello everypony! My name is Laura, also you can call me writes for short. I am a back up account for: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/348697/Short-Stories-Pony and hopefully you can get to follow me (and my main account) and see new stories I will make!

Thank you and God bless you!

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    New First/Last Name. Plus new cutie mark!

    Hey everyone, I'm back and I've been making a new and last name for Laura Daniels and I've made some new cutie mark ideas too!

    So, for her first name(s), I thought of this: Lina, Maria, Elvira, Honey, Victoria, and Honey.

    For her last name(s), Cross, Note, String, High, and Don.

    And lastly for her cutie mark ideas, I've got about three for her designs, hopefully you'll enjoy it!

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    Good morning

    Hey everyone, I'm back and I've been writing out my Act 1 for my new long love story of Zephyr and Laura. However though, I'll have to give out hints since I don't want you to feel spoiled with the story.


    -A Fake friendship
    -New Student
    -The Great and Powerful!

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    Hey everybody, Laura here! I've been thinking of doing a story about the couple I make stories out of and that's Zephyr and Laura. I thought of doing a long story about each stage of their love life. Like how they became friends, confessed their love, got engaged, marriage, etc.

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    Remake of A "Special"

    Hey everyone, Laura here! So, I've been doing my own things and I've never wrote my other ideas for the my two Au's. I even thought of something, what if I remade the final special of "Holiday Unwrapped?" Like make it into a full length story, perhaps with development of character or relationships, drama, etc? I thought of doing a remake tbh with you and I've had it on paper but I didn't write down the plot yet.

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  • 1 week
    Preview for my oc's bio

    (Hey everyone, I'm back and I'm here to show you a preview for my bio for my oc. Hopefully you'll enjoy and make sure to give me criticism to fix anything I need in the bio. Thank you and God bless once again)

    (Warning: Some may contain Christian related things and other things that are quite sensitive. Viewers are advised.)

    Full Name: Laura D (Daniels is her last name)
    Nicknames: M’lady, Laur girl, Darling
    Birthday: June 15
    Age: 16

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