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Howdy, I am an aspiring concept artist.

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A royal guard unicorn named Tal, has never thought about his past until an incident lands him in the ponyville hospital. From there he meets the mane 6. Tal re-tells the tragic event of his childhood just before he'd enrolled in the royal guard and also when he'd met the soon to be captain of the royal guard: Shining Armor.

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A colt by the name of Silver Spark arrives in Ponyville to get away from the posh experiences from Manehattan. He meets Twilight Sparkle in which she introduces him to her other friends. Throughout his meeting n' greeting his cutie mark catches a lot of attention from the mane 6. Pinkie Pie throws a welcome party only for it to be interrupted by a distraught looking Princess Celestia. She has teleported from Canterlot to gain some help from Twilight and her friends because of the return of Queen Chrysalis.

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