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Been around the Fandom since 2011, only now deciding to add to it. Here's hoping I continue to improve as a writer.

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Equestria is gone. From the splendor bones of Canterlot, Zephyr Heights has risen as a rallying force for pegasi everywhere – a city free of unicorns and earth ponies influence. All that remains for the fledgling city is to cleanse itself of old Equestrian propaganda. The city’s old airship station, which once allowed ponies of the other tribes to freely enter the city, is the perfect place to start.

Not all pegasi are on board with the idea. The poor fools have no idea that they stand against the rising tide of change.

Edited by: crazydiamond

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Trixie came to Ponyville with one goal in mind; she wanted to spend some quality time with Starlight. Because it’s Ponyville, and because she’s Trixie, that, of course, meant everything Trixie planned for would fall apart. Now, she’s being dragged all around town by her best friend and getting into trouble with the town all over again. Trixie swears none of this could be her fault, right?

On hiatus as of 7/27/21. Rewrite pending.

Credit to crazydiamond for his help in editing.

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As one of S.M.I.L.E.'s most prominent agents, Special Agent Sweetie Drops has worked tirelessly in an attempt to find the bugbear after its escape. Today, she ran out of time and has been summoned to Canterlot. 

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When I woke up this morning, I was expecting to curse at the sun for ruining my rest. Instead, the sun is cursing back at me for taking its place.

On the plus side, neither of us are okay with this turn of events.

Featured on March 18th, 2021.
(Teen for language)

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