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Trixie came to Ponyville with one goal in mind; she wanted to spend some quality time with Starlight. Because it’s Ponyville, and because she’s Trixie, that, of course, meant everything Trixie planned for would fall apart. Now, she’s being dragged all around town by her best friend and getting into trouble with the town all over again. Trixie swears none of this could be her fault, right?

Credit to crazydiamond for his help in editing.

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That was great. I'll be looking forward to more. :yay:

Quick update for anyone coming to check for the next chapter. Last night I made quick pass through in editing before work, checking for any major issues and I found some that I fixed. The reason I found them in the first place was because it was the wrong draft I was editing. Whoops.

I was about to post when I realized the problem. Chapter will be a bit later than I intended today as I need to find what changes I need to keep now. Sorry for the delay, this one's my bad.

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