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Story one. A pony experiences the world through himself after he's killed and watches his murderers bumble around.

Story two. A pony realizes all she needs is her love to warm her up.

(Coverart unrelated)

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Twilight was supposed to go on a personal journey to find herself. Instead, something goes wrong and she has to find a way back to the world she knows.

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Another day for another pegasi waking from another crash. Only this time he's lost and has to find his way around another world to find safety and a way home.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Caged

Ever Last, an earth pony from Pinto Creek, a small town built on trade and aiding travelers, has secrets he wishes he could forget.

Vices help, but only the end, he believes, can be the cure.

How will he cope with his tortured past before the end?

Edited and Preread by Hinata Linn and The Wastelander

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Darkness in the Light

Doctor Star is a career psychologist and has a new assignment; diagnose these patients at Broadhoof Mental Asylum.

A simple task for a seasoned professional, however nothing is easy when dealing with ponies in an asylum, especially when you practically live in them for a career.

Because of the patients' various psychosis and causes; nearly all the tags may be used.

Chapters (20)
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