Wrote a thingie · 6:57am June 4th

Hello friends my old darkness,
I'm like half awake rn, but I've posted a new story! It's second person, which I never write, and it was taking a contest prompt literally, which I hope to always do... and it's pretty cute.

ERare Apple Varieties
You check your mail, expecting a shipment of apples. But instead of apples, you receive one Apple, and a griffin too!
Silent Whisper · 1.3k words  ·  28  2 · 226 views

Here it be. Go wild, if that's your thing.

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Earth, Wind, and Spitfire · 1:32am April 19th

Short thing below. Also, brief update on the me: I still exist! Yay! Working on something big for you all... you know, as I have been, for the past almost-two-years... I've shown it to some delightful weirdos and they agree that I sure have been putting words in a specific order in a document, so there's your second opinions. In the meantime, have something dumb I wrote for a speedwrite. And join the My Little Story discord here, we do some fun little

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New Fic Out · 4:40pm March 15th

We finally got toilet paper today, we were almost out and the supermarket kept on running out. For those of you stuck at home, here's a short little something to peruse at your leisure.

ETo Those Who Didn't
Everypony went off to follow their dreams. Everypony, that is, except two.
Silent Whisper · 1.1k words  ·  28  3 · 287 views

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New fic is out! Rejoice, ye mortals! · 5:20pm February 24th

New fic out, everypony! Won first place in a speedwriting contest! I haven't won first place in a writing thing since the first grade.

EThe Time Killer
Pinkie's trying to solve a murder, but other things keep distracting her. Like Rarity. And the missing corpse. And Rarity.
Silent Whisper · 2.1k words  ·  76  2 · 589 views

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New story out, and update on the me · 11:52pm February 10th

Hello all! So, before I get into it, here's my latest story! It's a oneshot crackship fluff piece, and according to my girlfriend, it's "hella cute", which is the best endorsement we all strive towards, so go ahead and take a look!

EMuffin Love
She loves muffins. He loves her. What's a changeling to do?
Silent Whisper · 1.3k words  ·  56  2 · 493 views

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Happy Day-Before-Black-Friday-Hell Eve! + current WIP · 5:52am Nov 28th, 2019

Still not sure how I feel about Thanksgiving. On the one hand, we've got a nightmare for anyone working retail (my heart goes out to you, and just know I'm staying home tomorrow and friday so there's one less customer to worry about), and on the other hand, we've got an expectation to go back to family whose opinions are radically different from my own to celebrate a romanticized story of a pretty damn violent colonization. So, capitalism, racism... yeah, still deciding how I feel about the

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New Story: "Getting drunk and contemplating life" edition! · 3:25am Sep 8th, 2019

Hello friends! It's been simply ages since I've posted a story (though I have a million billion ((approximately)) works in progress atm, many of them near completion. At least, in my head.) So I thought I'd post a story. Merry birthyear, and all that jazz.

EMagic, Maretinis, and the Meaning of Life
Twilight finds that it's easiest to work through what's bothering her while she's working through her third maretini. Pinkie is there too.
Silent Whisper · 1.4k words  ·  36  2 · 378 views

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Bronycon update · 12:28am Aug 1st, 2019

Hello all! I'm at bronycon right now, getting my badge... and holy sweet mother of frick, the line is long. I've never been to a con before. Who knew there were so many ponies?

Anyways, I doubt anypony would recognize me, but if you do see me, it'd be lovely to meet ya!

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See you all at Bronycon! · 8:01pm Jul 21st, 2019

Hi! So, I know it's been absolute ages since I've posted anything on here, and I'm sorry about that. I've moved since my last story and even months afterwards we're still unpacking and getting settled. So sorry about the radio silence.
But I am going to Bronycon! I'll see you all there!

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I wish there were an "Idiot's Guide to Coming Back from a Hiatus" because I need that right now · 7:31am Jun 12th, 2019

Hello, all! Did you miss me, because I sure missed me! Where have I been? I was inside of me the whole time! The real me was the friends I made along the way! Am I friends with myself? Who knows? Find out in tonight's episode of I Don't Know How To Write A Blog Post, costarring my anxiety meds and half a bottle of Gatorade on my desk.

... this is why we don't write blog posts at 1am after a long day of work. If you're still reading this, thanks for your patience.

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