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The Dahaka are the Guardians of the Timeline. When something exists in the Timeline that should not be there, a Dahaka is sent to erase it.

When that which must be erased is being bolstered by Harmony itself and is in turn erasing something which should exist and creating multiple other temporal disturbances in the process, a Dahaka must make an effort to preserve that which should exist as a priority over erasing that which should not.

Luckily for Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, she is deemed 'essential' to the Timeline and effort must be made to preserve her as she is now, but the Dahaka must also complete its mission to erase. Good thing that cooperation is always an option.

(Original idea by Shagohad12. Co-written with Shagohad12. Inspired by and in response to StormLuna's 'Glimmerverse.' Dahaka concept from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, but not a true crossover.)

Fancy new cover art provided by Little Tigress with a quoted price that I felt too low for the quality, so I tipped her a little extra.Here's a link to her DeviantArt gallery Please consider contacting her if you want some great art at a reasonable price.

Hey, apparently we got Featured at some point. Noticed on 3/14/18 with newest chapter.

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This anthology is in continuity with, but not a sequel to, Equestria's New Nightmare. Reading that mature story is encouraged for the worldbuilding, but not necessary.

What do you fear? Is it clowns? Spiders? Bats? Balloons? Children? Doctors?

Everypony fears something and has the occasional nightmare. Some ponies have a fear so deep that they can never get over it. Few dreams are outright horrible, and some seem silly to others that might observe them. Let us take a walk in pony dreams, and observe some of the life that influences the dreamer.

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Sixteen heroes and villains are transported to Equestria. What happens when they arrive? What happens before they cross over? Who are they? What are their motives? Why do they fight?

This story focuses on the heroes that fight against oppression and crime as well as more overtly super villainous acts of insanity and what happens when they find themselves in a world that is much more idyllic than their home. To some of them, this world is the exact opposite of where they were raised.

This story is a FiM/City of Heroes crossover, with a few bits from other works sprinkled in.

Cover art made by me using cutie marks provided by 1110Soulite on deviant art.

(Comedy tag has been removed, though comedy will still be involved to offset some of the darkness. Instead, the AU tag has been added to denote that some characters may have different names than are commonly accepted or official.)

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Dense Illusion Gaming, a new development in entertainment in Equestria where a magician of even mediocre talent can weave intricate illusions to tell an interactive story in a pony's dreams. The spells have been certified as safe to enact by anyone by both Celestia and Luna, and have been designed so that anypony can activate them.

Rainbow Dash wants to go the extra mile and gets Twilight to activate her copy of Mega Mare 2...but what happens when the element of Magic itself activates a spell designed to be activated by even those with only the smallest trace amount of innate pony magic?

Let's find out.

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