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Hi my name is Sparknanator, I went on a writing break for what I think was a few good years at this point but now I am back and ready to write!

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Nova is a young colt, dealing with the typical issues of a high school student. Discovering the urge to do more with his meek life and to help a world plagued with crime, Nova shapes himself a new identity as the vigilante Kickplot. But soon, Nova finds out the hard way that reality is far harsher than his dear comic books.

Cover art by the always talented OtterofLore

Edited by my friend Blue Breeze I would also like to point out that I do consult Blue Breeze when it comes to idea's for this story

This story will contain OC's only

Chapters (13)

Everyone knows Pound and Pumpkin cake, the lovable, adorable foals of Cup and Carrot. But Cup Cake has a secret she's kept from everypony, even her husband, the stallion she trusts with her life. That secret, however, is about to be revealed, and Cup and Carrot's lives could be ripped apart.

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After the Smarty Pants incident, Big Mac ran off with Twilight's Smarty Pants doll, much to his little sisters' amusement. When he refused to return it, an anger fueled spell from Twilight resulted in a BIG problem for Big Mac, with Smarty Pants at the 'heart' of it

Cover art by Paper-pony

Chapters (10)

In the seemingly perfect world that is Equestria, A once happy couple now fight almost constantly. For Twilight Sparkle and her husband Shadowfoot, feeding a rapidly growing colt along with a draconis takes a toll on their finances. Shadow must find a job, or risk losing his home, family, and his new life as he knows it. But that is not the only problem these lovers will face.

Warning: There will be some steamy scenes but 0 clop and some minor cursing

Co Author Southpawfighter614

Co Author Sparknanator

Chapters (9)

Damian is a loner, an outcast. His life no longer holds any meaning for him. The only thing that keeps him from ending it is a simple tv show: My little Pony. Even then, his will to live fades a little more each day.On the day that he finally can no longer take the depression, he ends it, only to be given a second chance at life in a brand new world.

C.O. Author Southpawfighter614
C.O. Author sparknanator

Chapters 13 through 20 are currently undergoing a re-write 4/24/2013 I will put on the chapter if it has been re-written or not

Also props to Ungodly for the pic

Chapters (12)
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