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After suffering terrible losses, Queen Chrysalis struggles to even walk, due to famine. All desperate attacks for love failed, and now, she's seeing her changelings die, blaming herself. She breaks down in tears, feeling she doesn't deserve to be called a ''Queen''. But, after a few gentle words from her general, she gets told to believe in miracles. And miracles happen.
She gets a visit from a strange guest who might actually save her and make her reconsider the definition of 'love'.


Cover art from Fluffle Puff Tumblr page.

Edited by Alcatraz.

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After finally coming home from her Wonderbolts trainings, instead of her usual behavior, Rainbow behaves odd, and Twilight is determined to find out what's wrong, but that didn't go as planned. Things take an unexpected turn when an ancient villain returns and gets his eyes on the Mane 6. Rainbow blames herself for everything that happened and wants to fix the situation, but it won't be so easy...

Special thanks to Manaphy for writing advices :twilightsmile:
First chapter was re-written. Cover art isn't done by me.
Rated Teen for some darker scenes and topics in later chapters.
Now updating weekly-every Sunday.
Possible spoilers in the comments

Chapters (12)
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