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I hung ae vung ee nungo rung ea sung o nung tungo wung rung i tunge ee a bung i o (note that English IS my first language)

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shortened description- a brony an anti-brony an equinophiliac and an equinophobiac get transported to a strange land full of friendship, magic, ponies (ponies!), and rainbows *cue barf mode*
told from the prospective from someone with a deathly fear of horses, fun

this is a story about how (in the order mentioned in the short description) Shay, Tom, George, and the character whose perspective this story is told from, James, these four get transported to Equestria while playing a game of halo: reach, of course, in Equestria only two of these people could even come close to fit in and i can guarantee that the most funny part of this series would have to be the misinterpretation and George's antics. All I can tell you people for sure is that this is going to be a work-in-progress effort for me to improve my writing skills (i haven't written anything for five years) so i hope you enjoy my fail-worthy puns and REFERENCES to super explicit scenes.

also, please vote fairly, as i haven't written a fan fic...well, ever so this is going to be my first attempt, but because of that i appreciate constructive criticism. also note that this is on some level a self insert, but that's because I'm a horrible writer and can't completely separate myself and my tendencies from those of my characters, or characters already made by other people, so i hope you enjoy me stumbling by awkwardly! on a side note, i thought i would warn you, the first person to quote my breaking the fourth wall sentence in bold gets to ask me three questions that I am obligated to answer unless I deem it WAY too personal to answer cheers mates (I'm Canadian, not Australian, if you are wondering)

finally i will not include *clop clop* stuff, i mean really people, i have no writing skills whatsoever, you do not want me to ruin your image of your favorite ponies (though i will likely reference *clop clop* things, but ONLY references, and as little dirty language as possible, it ruins the theme)

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